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"Wow, what on Earth was that?!"
  • I had just recently had a session and really don't know what to take away from my experience.  Don't get me wrong it was amazing, just really different.

    About 40 minutes into my session this strange new feeling began to grow from my prostate area.  Sort of a warm, glowing, tingly, and some times prickly sensation.  This feeling grew outwards, enveloping my abdomen and upper legs, and eventually my entire upper body including my face and arms.  You know that sensation you get when a part of your body falls asleep, pins and needles, it was sort of like that only not painful.

    When this happened I was already having involuntary contractions.  Once this feeling kicked in every small movement of the aneros was producing some very strong feelings.  Intense to the point where I even started to moan a bit.  I've never made any sort of moaning noise during an aneros session before.  Come to think of it I can't ever recall moaning during traditional intercourse.

    These intense sensations maybe lasted for just a few minutes and then slowly subsided.  Afterwords all I could think about was "Wow, what on Earth was that?!"

    I'm just not sure what that was all about, was it just a very intense pleasure wave or did I break into the realm of the Super-O?  Any input would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi Golf_Guru, I think you may have experienced your first Super-O, or close to it. Congratulations!

    Someday it would be interesting for all of us what sort of effects your Aneros sessions on your golf game.

    Take care,

  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    Sounds like you just had a prostate orgasm. It gets better from here on...