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Back in the Saddle Again...
  • js3802js3802
    Posts: 11


    It was a long dry spell of not having an Aneros session for a week or more.  I know it's not THAT long, but it seemed like forever.  Busy schedule with work, family and the holidays lead to it.  I was more than happy to have an early morning session when I got home today around 3:30 AM that didn't end until almost 5:30 AM.  When it first started if felt like I was starting all over again.  Back to square one.  Nothing really started happening until the first hour was up.  Then after I was rewired and jump started, everything ran like a fine tuned engine.  I was back in the saddle again...

    If you want, read the whole story in my blog.  Please feel free to leave comments or send me PMs..