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  • DesmonDesmon
    Posts: 15
    Ok, i purchased my aneros and while doing practice i read all the testimonials on this forum to learn as much as possible. The first thing i notice is that it seems not to be so easy to got orgasms with this tool: It takes lot of training and time, people talk about different skills and techniques, some say it took several months to appreciate the first results and some say they had no results after 2 years of usage.
    Guys, does Aneros really work? I know there are many positive testmonials too, but what i mean is: Are we sure they had those results thanks to Aneros, or simply it's the result of mental and physical training? And are we sure there is not some faster and simpler way to such results?
    I'd like to know your opinion and reflections.
  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    The aneros is sometimes described as a "tantric training wheel".  It doesn't mean that you cannot be multi-orgasmic by other means, but in my experience, the aneros is actually speeding up that process, although it may seem very slow to you, as did to me at the start.

    Many guys feel that a combination of approaches has worked the best for them.  For me, it was the case that my prostate was initially an insensitive lump when I first started, and the aneros was key in developing sensitivity.  It is not the only thing however, because what goes on in your mind (the way that you approach it, the way that you build arousal) is crucial to ensuring that the physical links between nerves turn from being just sensations, into being orgasms.

    I also tried Taoist sexual practices (and still do) which involve having sex/masturbating, but not ejaculating anywhere near as often.  One has to learn to build arousal, without becoming sexually frustrated - which is difficult, but the rudiments of dry orgasms by this route came to me within 2 weeks of finding out how to do it. BUT - here's the crunch, I don't believe that the I would have made such progress without the aneros to "train" me up.  I had been using it for about 18 months, with good results, although I wasn't convinced I was actually having dry orgasms by that route, until I came at them from the direction of the Taoist practises.  Interestingly enough, I now find my Taoist practises, have advanced my aneros practices, and visa versa.  They feed off of each other.

    Doubts will occur, and when they do they will dampen the results you will get.  Unlike in conventional sex, where you can use your WILL to get to a wet orgasm (at least for a short while) you cannot do this with the aneros, OR indeed any of the other multi-orgasmic practises.  It is all about being super-relaxed, breathing deeply, being aroused, and being almost hyper-sensitive to the sensations that are occurring within you.

    When we first start on multi-orgasmic practices, including aneros use, we are mostly conditioned by years of experience to think of orgasm as having something to do with the penis.  There are numerous threads on here, in particular the "Penis, NOT!" thread, which explain how counter-productive to progress this can be.  Learning to think differently has to over-turn these deeply held beliefs.  In the early days you may be tempted to masturbate to a wet orgasm at the end of the aneros session, but this can just reinforce your preconceived notions about how to achieve orgasm, thereby hindering one's progress (it did for me).

    In the early days, you should be happy that you get any sensations from your aneros use, and you must then focus on these, and enjoy them.  If you try to WILL them into an orgasm, it won't work.  Some guys do get orgasms really quickly, but I suspect the majority of us have to be more patient, and more open-minded than we are used to.  In short, the aneros teaches you more than how to have multiple orgasms, it teaches you to relax, to increase and enjoy sensuality, and it teaches you patience.  It teaches you that the correct approach provides rewards, and these approaches are also very important lessons for the rest of life too.

    Doubts are inevitable at times, as are other setbacks, but this is why the positive results are so engaging.  They teach you to alter your approach to sexuality, and in so doing the lessons wash also over into the rest of your life as well.

    All the best with this.  I know it has been a life changing experience for me, and not just a sex-changing experience.

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @Desmon - There are other ways to achieve super-O's/MMO's. Aneros is only one of them. Another that a number of users here practice in conjunction with their Aneros practice is KSMO. Reference link below:

    The practice of Tantra is another. There is all kinds of books about this and quiet likely writings on the Internet.

    Also a number of users here like Mantak Chia's book "The Multi-Orgasmic Man".

    So yes, super-O's/MMO's are the result of mental and physical training no matter what route you take to get there. I don't know that there is a quicker way, as I've never tried the other routes. I suspect this does take time and practice no matter how you approach it.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Hi Desmon and welcome!

    Yes, it does work.  It took me about 9 months to really get, "happy returns" and four more to enter the world of the Intense brain-only orgasm.  Now, nearing four years into an Aneros practice, I'm glad I didn't cave.

    I think that among the MMO practice options that are capably described above, this one was easiest for me to understand.  I seem to understand what the 'average guy' feels as the rewiring process goes along.   I do think that some personalities have a more difficult path to walk.   I have a Myers-Briggs ESTJ profile.  Extraverted, Thinking, & Evaluative.  I tended to be, 'hard as nails' with my feelings.   Guys who are a bit Introverted, Feeling and Open to new experiences made it out of the gate much faster than did I.

    remember that opportunity is seldom recursive.   always reach for the brass ring....   blessings man .... rook
  • Desmon..hang in there!

    After a month of intense training with the Aneros I achieved what I believe is the sought after Super O. It all came together this week.. in fact the last 4 days I have had 3 nights of fantastic success and one night that was a dud. I am still learning and believe I may be close to getting Super Os on demand. (right now I have to work a little bit to get it started and my best result is when I go to sleep on my side in the fetal position. About a hour or so later I am hit with wake up call  involuntariness.  I then do my contractions and deep breathing and I blast into orgasm within a minute.  I am on my way for multiple and continuous orgasms that are almost physically debilitating because of the intensity.  GREAT RESULTS.

    So hang in there.  Everybody calls this getting "rewired". This is very descriptive.  But in reality you are experimenting with what works best.  You try out different combinations.  You really have to tune in to your senses. Do not fear what lurks ahead as you step up to the next plateau.  Just do it and trust you are not going to blow up into a million little pieces of Desmon splattered over the walls of your bedroom. You are going to be OK. 

    I think there is not reason why anybody could not have the success I have just achieved.  It is there for everybody. But I can see where people focus on the wrong techniques (for them.. not necessarily for others) and find themselves frustrated.  This is a difficult process.  Words can not really describe the feelings and sensations. I know I spend time trying to understand what everybody is saying. "Breath in.. breath out.. hold your contraction.. tense up...relax.. do nothing... do everything".  The list of do's and don'ts are almost endless. And the problem is that each technique appears to have some legitimacy to it.  Very confusing.  You are probably very close to success. Just hang in there. I think the key is to experiment.  When you get YOUR combination you have hit your home run.  BELIEVE ME it is all worth it!

    Mayfield is the best source available.  I have read and reread his posts and I learn something each time. 

    I will share something that really helped me.  I compared the sensations that occur when I am closing in on the point of no return in a wet orgasm and what I do to have a dry orgasm.  To my surprise it seems to be the same thing.  You are exciting your sphincter muscles and prostate to send the signals to the brain.  When you are thrusting in the wet orgasm effort you are encouraging your sphincter and prostate to do this but you are not consciously controlling your contraction.  It just happens.  But with the Aneros massager you are learning to consciously coordinate these contractions.  

    For me my routine is developing thusly:  I do voluntaries and stop and go totally relaxed and wait to see if there is any sign of an involuntary. If so. apply a PC contraction to encourage a heightened sensation. Then add in the anal contraction  (AC) and start the belly breathing and then start a rhythmic thrusting with a strong rectal contraction (RC). Then alternate between the anal contraction (the PC contraction at this point has done it's job. and is "bye bye".) Then in a rolling thunder fashion to strong AC and then strong RC whileypou are thrusting and doing serious breathing or "sobbing". Let your self make noise.. This really helps. This whole revolution might take bout 2 or 3 seconds.  If you are on track you will feel the intensity increase and you strain more.  You are giving it hell by this time.  When you feel you are at the peak of your orgasm. then give it one last strong combined AC and RC and you might feel a jolt of electrical current flowing out the head of your penis.  To me this means I have really orgasmed  It really really really feels good. Better than a wet orgasm.

    Then do not stop, Do it again and again.  I just had an orgasm that had over 46 intense spasms within the space of about 90 seconds.  Not sure of my time because I was busy doing my thing.  I had no official timer. It was like rolling thunder... again.... again... thrusting,... straining,., again thrusting straining again... You get the idea.

    Hell I do not know if this was a Super O or not.  But I take it what ever it is.

    Last point... This went on for 4 hours with occasional rest periods.  I was able to stop and wait, turn over and wait and sure enough it starts again.  

    OK you get the point.  Desmon hang in there. From what I read I may not even be at my peak. Better times may still be ahead for me.  But I sure love what I've done so far.

    My disclaimer. I am a "newbie" acting as if I know what I am talking about. The other guys on this site know a lot more than I do and have a lot of experience to back it up.. If I have contradicted them, ignore me and do it their way.  I am just getting started.  If this keeps up I will expound as the wiseman from the South. But until I get a thousand orgasms I should probably keep my mouth shut.  But since I was frustrated like you as recent at last week, I though my recent success should give you encouragement.

  • Yes, the Aneros works!!!

    It took me 11 months to feel spectacular, indescribable effects.

    I think the key to me unlocking them was that I wasn't overly concerned about them, and didn't expect anything.

    I didn't read the Aneros forum. 

    I just heard that the Aneros was a "prostate massager" and I inserted it while I masturbated. 

    At first it just felt like a piece of plastic in my butt.

    Then I felt small sensations deep inside me, and I explored from there.

    Enjoy the journey, don't worry about the destination.