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My very first session with Aneros.
  • DesmonDesmon
    Posts: 15
    I got my Helix yesterday and tried it for the first time. I'd like other users to share their first approach and to get comments/suggestions from experts.
    Here's what i did and felt: Although i never inserted very large objects into my anus i' not new to anal play, so i wasn't worried at all about inserting something into my anus. I rinsed my rectum and injected a fair amount of lube then i inserted the aneros, immediately feeling comfortable with it. Keeping the massager inside i took a shower while slightly adjusting the position of it manually, i also got excited and had an erection while showering. After the shower i lied on my couch and started watching my favorite erotic movies while doing preparation exercises. After a while i got very aroused and hard, and i started with deep contractions in sync with my breath: unexpectedly i immediately felt a very sweet pleasure in my pelvic area, got by holding the contraction as long as possible: as i holded the contraction i simply felt the pleasure grow, with no need to do anything but imagine kind of an electric flow come from the arousing view (ero movie), pass through my penis and reach my pelvis... unfortunately, after 3 or 4 contractions, my pelvic muscles got tired (it was like they lost strenght), maybe i lost my concentration and my erection and arousal faded. I kept doing excercise for more than an hour with no further results, then i ended up stroking my penis as usual, but also slightly moving the aneros manually until i had a nice and intense "traditional orgasm" with a powerful shot.
    I consider this first experience positive, i can't wait for learning about yours and getting comments.
    Happy life to all!