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Strange spasming feeling?

  • This is a entry from my latest blog.
    I have posted here also to see if anyone else has experienced this spasming feeling as I have never read about it before.

    Blog entry
    I had a even better session last night. 

    My butt was craving all day after my last post so I saddled up again. 
    Got to dry O zone again and rode that for a hour or so. 
    I think it was about 2 hours in and I started to get in a frenzy and I could feel a massive build up of energy starting. 
    It got greater and greater until I was almost about to explode some how but I dont know how. 
    Alas the expectations or something got in the way and it subsided :) 
    I did not giveup but instead of the build up I couped something different. 
    I have never read about it before either. 

    I had a start of a build up like before but only slight and then the aneros dug itself in hard and clicked into place like what I call a dry O and then like the ejaculation felling of the dry O or a kegal thrust I went into some sort of spasm. 
    My body started spasming like a kegal at around 2 thrusts a second. Just the PC muscle. 
    It kept going like this constantly for I estimate 3 or so minutes! 
    Every now and then I might miss a thrust but it just kept going? 
    There was pleasure but a lot of energy was being put into it at the same time. There was a feeling of it building my arousal but not to anything huge. 
    After the 3 minutes or so it stopped and just went back to anal twitching. 
    I was buggered and went to sleep. Woke a few times through the night with miss helix teasing me a bit. 
    In the morning I removed it for a pee and then reinserted but with the eupho instead and had a few dry Os and then decided to call it quits. 
    I was so horny still I decided to have a super T. 
    It was a massive build up and as I came I squeezed so hard The eupho shot out half a meter away from my arse onto the bed! :( 
    It was a bigger load of cum than usual. 

    I dont know what was happening with the spasming. 
    Has anyone else experienced it? 

    Overall it was my best session ever that I can remember.
  • I have had that happen as well. I will start with uncontrolled changes in breathing patterns. That will happen along with uncontrolled ab spasms, and thrusting. I have at times stopped breathing, meaning not inhaling/exhaling and am unable too if I try.

    I have felt the feeling of sinking into my bed as if becoming totally relaxed and i become very hot. I believe I black out at some point because I dont remember what happens after I peak.

    But its a dry orgasm and accompanies an anal orgasms where, like you said, the anus is in a spasm, but for me its a very specific rythm and until I black out, i cant control it or miss a beat or disrupt it as it controls itself. As this is happening, this is where my breath begets me and I believe I pass out.

    I come too, and it starts over again. I have had this cycle for 4-5 hours.

    I am normally in a pool of precum.

    The next few days, I will feel "ghosting" where I cant do anything sitting down because it causes me to start the above mentioned cycle even without the aneros in. First time I experienced "ghosting" was a few years after i got the aneros and never got anything out of it. Then one day I fell asleep and WOW.

    On my way to the mall that following afternoon, I was in my car and had to stop constantly as I kept having those anal orgasms , as the nite before was my first one. I actually started to cry becuase I though something was wrong. it took me 3 hours to get to a mall 30 mins away. And when I arrived, i was soooo dehydrated and my lap was wet with a large stain of pre cum that ran about 3 inches down my pant leg.

    So, I could not go into the mall, and had to lay on the back seat for 3 hours and try to drive home again, and thank god I made it.

    Thats my true story


  • Wow that does not sound good. You should not be blacking out maybe you need to see a doctor about it.
  • women who have true orgasms are known to black out as well. Due to the amount of endorphines released during the orgasm phases.