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Male-Voiced Arousal AUDIO CLIPS

  • In the general category of getting/staying aroused....

    For you guys wishing to add a little male voiced arousal to your build-up routine, I found these great clips on  

    While the site has storytelling and role-playing, I find those things sort of intrusive to my own fantasies. Better for me to find some young dudes who are making love to themselves and sharing each little pant and moan into their microphone...which, when played on earbuds, comes across as warm breath on your neck! There are great female versions, too.

    My favorites are about 6-7 mins long and suitable for putting on "replay" on your iPod. It's like finding a J.O. buddy on a cold winter night. This one from Cameron is great:

     * * *

    I love this one from "Charlie" because he spends most of it "edging," and then--hey, he's young, after all--loses control right at 4:44 and realizes the game's over and he's gonna cum. Which he proceeds to do in a very sexy way.

     * * *

    Here's Oscar busting a nut with us, up close and personal...

     * * *

    And for your shower fans, here's a very wet Ethan...

     * * *

    Have fun!