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  • After a wonderful week of sessions every day and some time to ponder this wonderful ability that we have all learned thanks to Aneros ... I wrote a Blog Entry about rewiring.  Its not the whole picture but its a slice of it anyways.


    Linghaman (Bigguy) 

  • Here'

    s the blog address: 


  • Hi @Linghaman,

    Your article on rewiring which you posted about a year ago inspired me to get my first Aneros models last December. Using the Aneros is one of the most wonderful things that have happened to me in recent years.

  • Thanks BG.  I realized it had been a year since the last rewiring entry... so I decided to do another.  It seemed appropriate as even in rewiring nothing remains static.  There is something new all the time.  Did another entry today addressing the self satifying aspects of sex and the desire to give your partner pleasure.  The aneros experience has opened the doors for sex to be a mindful self directed experience for me and also it has helped me be a better lover.