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I'm a newbie, which one to choose: Helix, MGX or Eupho?
  • Hi guys,

    I'm just starting this exciting journey and the first step is obviously choosing the right aneros massager. I simply don't know which of the three models to chose, can you help me? I know all about their dimensions or shape, but I don't know which would fit the best.

    A few things about me: I'm tall, 7" cock, orally bi, I've only played with my anus a few times, mostly by digital stimulation. I thing SGX would be too small for me, and I am inclined to chose Helix. What do you suggest?

    Thanks for reading this!

  • Hi @jayrasmunsen
    I am 182cm tall and the Helix is the best option for you I suggest.
    I am sure others will agree.
    The eupho is great but is for latter on when you have trained your muscles. 
    SGX is for short people.
    Mgx is ok for you too but the helix is more advanced in its design.
    I have a helix classic and a eupho and have been anerosing for about  8 months.
    I started with the helix and in fact it is the one which is doing it for me at this time in my rewiring.
    Either the helix classic or helix syn would serve you well
  • Thanks for your answer, braveneworld, that's what I thought. 
  • I'm 185 cm (6'1") tall and the MGX, my first Aneros, was too short to reach my prostate. I really had to squeeze or push hard to make contact. I still enjoyed using it but was only getting a fraction of the potential.

    I got the Helix Syn and it's much, much better. 10x better. 

    I recommend starting with it.