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76 yrs old has first Super O! Hide your women and girls. I am on the loose.
  • I think I did it for
    the first time.! Pretty good for a guy my age.. 76 yrs old.


    I think I had a
    Super O.  If not, then I am almost afraid
    to think of what a Super O is. Help me understand what may have happened to me:


    First I am aware
    that there are many post by those describing their Super Os. I doubt that I am
    adding any more information than that already here.  BUT.. I would think that my age 76 years old
    AND having a  inflatable penile implant
    might be interesting to some people.  I
    suppose I am unique in those respects. Hence my post.


    Background info:
    Yesterday ( not this time) I experienced about an hour of intense waves that I thought might by
    my first Super O. I was in my sideways fetal position thrusting and straining
    with the most severe contractions I think possible.  The pleasure was so intense that it seemed to
    be the sought after orgasms. I was not sure if I was experiencing the Super O
    or not.  It was really felt almost as
    intense of my normal wet orgasm. The good news was that the orgasms (or what
    ever it was) continued by almost an hour. 
    I was thrusting, straining, 
    moaning, breathing very hard and feeling intense waves of pleasure.  This was fantastic and was the best I had
    ever experienced to this point of my Aneros journey.  But was this a real orgasm?  I read that if I had an orgasm I would know
    it.  I thought it was but not absolutely
    sure. But one thing I knew was I did not want to stop.  I was really giving my body a serious
    workout. I started to worry how to stop this if I wanted to.  Eventually the convulsions started to ebb and
    I started to come down.  After this was
    over I was euphoric.  This was the best
    sexual feeling I ever had. I had done it… maybe!  I read more on this site to see if this was
    the Super O.  This fact that I was still
    questioning this made me think that I may not have done it.  So the scene was set for the next day.. Which
    was last night.


    I wanted to try this
    again. I inserted my Helix Syn .  After
    insertion I waited for everything to quiet down. I then initiated PC
    contractions and light anal contractions. I then did some rectal contractions.
    I massaged my nipples and tried the deep breathing. Rather than working on an
    extended session right then and there I decided to go to sleep and see what
    happens.  This is what I had done the
    night before and had the great result 
    described above.  So I decided
    to  go with what worked before. After
    about 4 hours I woke up in the sideways fetal position feeling some
    involuntaries.  I then started to
    "coach" these involuntary contractions with  my PC and anal contractions.  I was effective  in increasing the intensity of the P-waves
    that were occurring.  The pace picked up
    and I found my self with much stronger anal contractions at the same time I was
    doing rectal contractions.  I would
    alternate between alternating  between
    these two contractions and then doing them at the same time.  I began to stroke my nipples and concentrated
    on my breathing.  The contractions
    rapidly picked up in intensity. Within a few minutes I found my self thrusting
    and doing the maximum anal and rectal contractions. No hold back or coaching.
    The feeling was really orgasmic.  I was
    moaning and really breathing hard. This time I was more confident that I could
    safely take it to the next level.. what ever that was. I was really focusing on
    my extreme waves of pleasure.  This time
    I was asking myself whether these was like my wet orgasmic spasms.  These were more intense! But unlike the wet
    orgasm, what was missing were the short spasmatic spurts. Rather the orgasm just
    went on uninterrupted for extended periods. Not sure how long.  I estimate at least a minute. Then it would
    subside momentarily (maybe 10 secs) and start up again.  All the time my body was thrashing about, I
    was grabbing anything I could get a hold of.. The sheets, my shoulder,
    anything.  I was at maximum bliss.


    I tried to be
    conscious of where my orgasm was happening. 
    It was not in my upper body.. Arms legs, shoulders chest.  I was below the navel. I did not have any out
    of body experiences.  Just sheer almost
    out of control waves of orgasmic pleasure. Just like a natural orgasm except it
    did not have the ejaculation and there were no short spasms.


    Before this on the
    night before,  as I explained above, I
    was not sure I had orgasmed. Now I know that I did.  I feel like I have died and gone to heaven.  My big problem will be managing myself so
    that I do not become so obsessed with this that it destroys my life.  It seems to be all that I am thinking about.  But damn… this was as good as I ever imagined
    it would ever be.  I am hooked.


    But there may be
    more experiences to be had.  I read about
    those of others that may dwarf mine to date. 
    So I may have more to look forward to. So what else is in store for me? 


    Here is the question
    of the day.  Up to this time I could not
    tell you what a mini orgasm is. (if what I experienced is a mini orgasm, god
    help me when I have a Super O.  I do not
    know if I could stand it.).  I am not
    sure if I had a non-super dry orgasm whatever that is.  I may have bypassed all of the lesser steps
    and gotten to the promised land in one giant leap.  I think it is more likely that I have
    experienced the lesser orgasms without labeling them correctly. For my part, it
    does not seem to be important to parse these experiences.  All I know it was fantastic, I am happy,
    enthusiastic and trying to control myself from running out to the street and
    telling the world I have hit a home run. I don't think the world is ready for


    So did I do what I
    think I did? The answer may not make any difference because I like what
    happened. By the way.. Thanks everybody on this forum for their work.  It fortified me to continue through periods
    of doubt about whether this was "BS" or not. It is clearly not
    "BS" for those current doubters. 
    Hang in there.  Your time will
    come. Mine just did

  • I am sorry for the formatting. I copied this from One Note and got this result. It surprised me. I did not know to edit this correctly.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    Hearty congratulations on achieving whatever it was you have achieved! Beautifully described!

    Don't worry about the formatting. I have the same trouble.

    IMHO,I'm not sure that attempting to put labels to any of what you have experienced is terribly productive! I am now 73 and have been on this journey for just over three years. I believe I am about where you are now and it has taken that three years to get there. I like to think that my regular experience is what @artform calls "Calm Seas Orgasm". The exact experience depends largely upon which tool I am using and each one is in some subtle way, unique.

    I will admit that I'm not sure that I ever want to lose control completely, thrashing about the place etc., but I do feel eternally blessed that I am able to enjoy the euphoria and bliss that these little pieces of plastic can provide!

    May you continue to enjoy this for a very long time to come!
  • chuckNchuckN
    Posts: 23
    What a great experience! May you have many more. I hope to experience that myself someday soon but I am enjoying the journey.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    I loved the formatting.
    It was a story unfolding, uncluttered and gentle.
    Hope for me yet.
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603

    Who cares what it's called! Where we're going, Marty, we don't need labels...
  • Ha ha ha ....congratulations!!!!!  Twll and a couple of us in chat were talking yesterday that we wish that this miraculous device and experience was available to us when we were all younger (I am sixty one).  Nonetheless its sweet at any age!!!!!


    Linghaman (bigguy)

  • I was wondering the other day whether we should begin teaching our kids the secrets of MMO. Link this with KumaSutra and the young man to be would be well equipped to enter the world of wonderful sex.  I know that I grew up with the concept of wham, bam, thank you ma'am. I thought I was a great lover.  In fact I was terrible. I and my partners missed out on a lot. I am one hell of a lot better now. Now I think I am worth screwing. Before.. not really.

    What I do not know is whether teaching this to boys around the age of puberty is dangerous or not.  I do not think so.  I think it would be wonderful. But maybe the shrinks think otherwise. I day dream back to my high school experiences and think "what if..". I did a lot of screwing then, but I was really only taking care of myself. Now it is the other way around.  At my age I have only so many years left.  I intend to make every one of them insanely erotic. I am going to go out like a champ. Thanks Kuma Sutra, Aneros, MMO, testosterone therapy and my bionic dick. How can anyone miss with a lineup like that?

    But the "outside world" may not be ready for this.  I began to tell my older brother about my MMO and he changed the subject quickly. (the idiot!). I do think that the younger generation is getting this.  It's the old bastards that are trying to catch up. 

    BTW.. to Linghaman... I read some of your blog entries and they are great.  You are very expressive.  I have not clue whether you are really describing actual experiences (I think you are), but they are fantastic.  Keep it up.  I have not read all of them, but plan to get back to them.

    What do you think?  Should we tell our 13 year old boys about all of this or just let them figure it out for themselves if they do at all?