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  • RJT November 2012
About shipping method
  • Hi,
    I'm Moteki.

    I post here, because there is no reply from support email.

    I ordered Aneros that will deliver to Japan I live in.
    When ordering, I choose a shipping method "International Global Express ($29.95)".

    And then, I recieved email. 
    Contents are,
    >Your order: XXXXX
    >Your order #XXXXX has shipped and the tracking information is below. Thank you for your business! 
    >Shipped on 11/19/2012 using USPS International First: XXXXXXXXXXXXX

    XXXX(13 digits) is linked to USPS web site.
    I clicked that link.
    Viewed this,
    >Service: First-Class Mail International

    fmm, I searched USPS's service.
    First-Class Mail International
    Price for this service is $0.85 and from.
    I paid $29.95 ;)
    $29.95 service is "Express Mail International", I thought.

    I wonder that "International Global Express"  and "First-Class Mail International" are same services? (I can't think so that.)

    How can I do for this question (or problem)?
    I have not yet received luggage and not got reply from support email...

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    Today is "Thanksgiving" in the US, and most people in the US are away from work and spending time with their families, that may explain why you have not received a reply today.