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Why is the Progasm generally regarded as advanced?
  • Is is because it is bigger and would be harder for a newbie to fit in? Would there be any drawbacks for someone new to use it? 

    I am debating on which new model I should get. I have not felt much of anything with my helix. Once, when I clenched my anus as hard as I could with my helix in, i started to feel some slight p-waves. It was too much force, because I could never be relaxed while doing that. When I would hold it against my prostate it would feel good, but it just didn't feel like there was enough pressure. I also am hesitant to modify my helix. 

    I think I either want the mgx, or progasm.

    It feels like my helix might be a little bit too long for me, or possibly its just not giving enough pressure.  

    What new model would be the best for me in your opinion? (6'2", 175lbs)
  • Hi @MMO_RPGlol,

    Both the Progasm and Maximus because of their girth are considered by many to be Aneros models for more experienced and advanced users. You may want to try the MGX or the Helix Syn which are recommended for newbies.

    I began my Aneros sessions early last June with the Helix Syn. Then in early August I started working with the Maximus and in September continued with the Progasm. It took me a good month or so for me to get used to teh Maximus and Progasm. But persistence paid off for me because the Maximus and Progasm are mainstays in my Aneros sessions. Last Saturday I began using the Helix Classic for the first time. I was surprised at how easily I was able to insert this model. It has joined my regular lineup for my sessions.

  • @MMO_RPGlol,

      I would say due to size and technique.  It's the biggest Aneros toy, so can be challenging for some to get it in and adjust to the size.  This also affects technique.  As a larger toy, it doesn't move as easily and you need to have good ass muscles to get the movement going.  When you do, the combo of size, pressure on prostate, K and P-tabs is over the top!!
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    From what you have said, if the Helix isn't producing the responses you are hoping for, I would suggest you try the MGX. I also went through a stage when the Helix seemed to work sometimes but not on others and was just giving inconsistent results.

    Going back to the MGX really worked as it is more focussed on the prostate organ itself. If I was you I would try the MGX and stick with that one until you are getting consistent results before moving to other models. That being said, the Eupho is now my favourite model but the Maximus give a wild ride if you feel the need to be filled up!

    Good luck!

  • @MMO_RPGiol, I agree with @varmint on the challenges of mastering both the Progasm Classic and Ice. This applies to the Maximus as well. First you have to learn to insert the three models to the hilt without discomfort. That took me several weeks to do that especially with the Progasm. Also I had to overcome the problem of peristalsis, involuntary slipping out of the three models. I found that the Kegels are helpful for locking these big guys in place, especially the Progasm. Normally I begin a session with the Progasm with five long Kegels lasting a minute a piece. The five Kegels set the autof**k massage action into motion. Then I will Kegel away at intervals with varying lengths and strengths of anal contractions which fuel the waves of pure pleasure I experience!

    I believe that the Progasm was developed for the Kegel Exercises. In fact, the Progasm has enabled me to do the Kegels in a way I have never experienced before. The same thing is so with the Maximus. 

    And I agree with @Pommie on the Eupho and MGX. These models which I tried recently produce their own sensations worth exploring. But it was also the Helix Classic which did it to me last Saturday afternoon for the first time. That model sat in my closet unused for nearly a year. Actually it was both the Maximus and Progasm that prepared me so well for the fantastic maiden voyage I had with the Helix Classic last Saturday!

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Tend to agree with Thom and Pommie.

    You may be feeling the knobby head of the Helix in contact with the upper end of your Prostate.  If that's the case and you are feeling little in your lower canal, Pommie's suggestion about switching to the MGX sounds correct.  MGX is a bit less bulky at the tip and has more bulk in the lower canal (sort of a mild reverse image of the Helix).

    Side benefit of the MGX when getting started out is the ridged stem.  That makes for a more solid sphincter interface.   Later on in your journey, return to the Helix to take advantage of it's advanced design stem.      hth & blessings   ...  rook