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Self hypnosis.
  • A few years ago I had hypnosis therapy. I was instructed as follows: " You are on a woodland path and going to a private place full of happy memories and you will arrive at a lovely chalet. You will go in and find a room which you know is there. Inside you will find a box which will excite you and you will open it. You will sense a great joy at seeing the things inside and you will take them out, one by one and examine them They will make you smile and laugh and feel very happy because they were the source of great pleasure and happiness.  You had simply forgotten them. You can stay there as long as you like. You will know that you can always come to this special private place at any time and open the box. 

    I have applied this idea to my Anerous sessions. From the decision to get the aneros out and  lie with it. This is the path through the woods. Soon I come to the chalet, and go in and open the box. The things inside are the sensations I am having and as each one arrives, it leads me to another and so sense joy at the recognition and relish the feeling of each little thing.  I realise they have always been there hidded away.. when I am finished, I lovingly close the box and retreat happily from the expreience.  Does this make sense and could it be useful to anyone struggling to "get in"?
  • Brilliant post, I will try your advice