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How to deal with high level of arousal after dry-o session?
  • emgeemge
    Posts: 7
    hi everybody!

    I got myself a prograsm about a month ago and so far had about 8 sessions with the aneros. 
    Yesterday I experienced what I think were dry-o's for the first time. I'm absolutely not used to _not_ have the feeling of relief after an orgasm but nevertheless it was a very pleasurable experience. 

    So yesterday after I indulged myself in numerous dry-o's in varying intensity while exploring my new capability I ended the session because I was quite tired, but I still was horny as f***. I tried to ignore it, but when I finally got to bed I couldn't sleep for about an hour, so I decided to relief myself the old-fashioned manual way. 

    While it sure felt good after ejaculating the arousal stayed, and felt (and still feels) like faint internal buzz in the area where my prostate is.

    Any hints on how to deal with this 'sexual energy' remaining after a session?

    regards, emge
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,832
    Conventional wisdom around here (as you may have read) is to just absorb the glow and the energies remaining after the session.   After an hour try to shift you activities to something apart from your sensual nature.  Enjoy the buzz.

    Most important for the first few months of your Journey is to leave your penis alone for at least an hour.

    If however your sexual urges remain totally distracting, have at it and get on with life.   Or, as an alternative, prep for and execute another session.  :)
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @emge - Good advice from rook. I'd also say that you get used to high levels of arousal over time. I've found this to be the case from practicing ejaculation abstinence with my Aneros usage. And when you are out in public and that internal prostate buzz and arousal kicks in. You crack a smile and no one knows the wiser. :)
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    Or as I did this afternoon during a chorus rehearsal, found the seats of the chairs on stage were providing pressure just right to bring on that little buzz feeling. I relaxed a bit and the p-waves gradually started cycling. If I hadn't to stand up to sing occasionally, I'd have probably dry-O'd.

    And nobody was any the wiser. ;)
  • emgeemge
    Posts: 7
    I found a possible way for me: Today I milked my prostate after a session with many wonderful dry orgasms but no relief.

    The milking took the 'edge' off the hornyness but leaving me pleasantly aroused and energized.
  •   I would say to relax smoke a joint or take a few hits off a joint take your time let things happen naturally or i heard some people go to sleep with it in and it works great for them.