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Where am I?
  • Hi All.. Well, this is my first post so I guess im not a virgin anymore right? LoL!
    The reason for my post is to ask for some input on where you, the experienced SuperO users think I am at and to hopefully give me some advice to move forwards from here?
    I have been involved in anal play for a few years, with some of my girlfriends but mostly on my own. (It just seems to be a personal thing in the end I guess?) and I have had various models of the Aneros. I currently have MGX, Helix & Syn..
    Ok, so enough about the tools, on to the job at hand (or at!) I have always been able to produce great pleasurable sensations from the Aneros and have been able to enjoy enhanced penile orgasms as well as SuperT.. Actually I am able to have multiple SuperT with the Aneros, where I will bring myself to the brink and allow the Aneros to take over where I will then have an ejaculatory orgasm and spasms which after a minute or so will subside, when i will then begin penile stimulation again (Usually just a few gentle touches) then let the Aneros take over again for another ejaculatory orgasm.. This can go on for about 6-7 times by which i am too turned on to continue playing and will just grab on and finish out with one last huge one where I continue the manual stimulation right through..
    Ok, so now the question.. "Where am I?"
    I have developed a solid foundation with the anal contractions,relaxation and focusing the sensations & am a firm believer in the absolutely no penile stimulation when trying to reach a high level of prostate arousal and in search for a SuperO.. To the point that I will not even finish with a SuperT most times, because if I just let myself settle, next time I use the Aneros I will be that much more aroused and ready to recieve the sensations that the Aneros develop. However, I never ever seem to be able to "crest"? I can get myself to a level of exitement that has me moaning and writhing and in a state of almost frenzy i guess? where i think I will surely burst if I dont have some type of anal/ body SuperO! But thats where I stop? I never can seem to get to an orgasm or spasms or have any type of release by going over the edge? it feels like i am there, but not? And it leaves me feeling a little frustrated (Nice frustrated) rather than in a state of bliss? I am very concious to enjoy each session for what it is though, and found this approach great for getting in the right frame of mind to really enjoy my time with the Aneros, but I just really really want to get over the edge! Is there some physical cue's im missing? am I not where I think I am in the road to the SuperO? How can I get over the crest and into the spasms and orgasms?
    Love to get some feedback guys & thanks in advance for your posts on here. It's great of you to share your amazing journey of self discovery.
    "May your orgasms cum thick & fast!"
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hi Trussroads,

    And welcome to the Aneros forums. :)

    I've been grinding away now for many years from not having achieved super-O's, all I can say is relax, enjoy what you have, focus on the anal and prostate sensations, and allow the Aneros movement to happen without interfering. Trying too hard and expectations of the outcome of a session work in opposition to what you want.

    As far as where you are at...  That's really difficult to say.  Have a look at the milestones chart in the Aneros WIKI:

    But ultimately it probably doesn't really matter where you are at. I know for myself, that many times through out my Aneros journey I've thought I was close to finally achieving super-O's, and was completely wrong. I amazingly continue to make new progress in sensations and what my body does with the Aneros. Probably not the answer you were looking for, but that's the way I see it.

  • ZoopZoop
    Posts: 31
    Even as a relative newbie, I've seen this is a question come up a bunch of times, relating to this plateau and whether or not they should expect to, as you say, "crest" it. I myself have been at this point of coming to the crest and not being able to get over it yet. I seem to be getting closer and closer though! And when a session is good, this building feeling alone is incredibly pleasurable and worth it!

    Judging from some other posts I've read, it IS possible to get over this crest to a more orgasmic feeling, but its also important to not to try to force your way to it, and it likely just takes time and experience for your muscles and nerves before it will happen.