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What happened to me?
  • jonyjony
    Posts: 3
    mso-fareast-font-family:"Times New Roman";mso-fareast-theme-font:minor-fareast;
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    PT;mso-bidi-language:AR-SA" lang="EN-US">what happened yesterday after 8 months with my MGX,
    I did my preparation I thought to have another attempt finding that so much people
    is said in this forum the SUPER O
  • jonyjony
    Posts: 3
    . I was pretty much relaxed went to my room and put lubricant be calm within the MGX my ass, and did what many of often tell, relax and be calm do not touch the penis to do the breathing exercises during I do not know how long, but must have spent more than 15 minutes maybe, lying on back with legs bent. When I started making small movements of contraction with the MGX very lightly, and in a very mild moving its tail suddenly began to feel some sensations in my legs and hands tremble and mixed heat and was rising throughout the body in the belly and finally in my head the whole body was tremble as if I were a big vibrator, looked like I was giving me a fit because I was a little scared but whenever a contraction was increased and became even more so I cannot say how long this sense a rhythmic beat and constant throughout the body, I lost track of time I did not feel my hands, the whole body shakes because I could not do anything to stop. Only after some time I started to caress my belly the nipples and finally I began to masturbate and there was a better masturbation as long hand felt my entire body shaking and always after masturbate I still felt like I was the ring a bell inside my ass.

    What happened to me?
    Ps: Forgive me my English was not very good, with the help of Google translator
  • From the sounds of it, you had a Super-O.  Even better, a whole body experience!  Don't fear it.  Embrace the feeling and enjoy!