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It is worth the journey - Breakthrough!
  • I just had a huge breakthrough.  Lesson learned is to keep trying and to focus on techniques offered in the forum. Do not let the initial doubt or even long term mediocre results dissuade you from continuing. I have worked at this for almost two years and my journey will continue it is not done.

    Success Criteria: I think that your body needs to adapt with anal and sphincter muscle development which just takes time and practice.  Your mind needs to adapt which takes 1. time for rewiring and to learn how to feel and enjoy the sensations and 2. focused use of techniques explained in the wiki and this forum to learn how to not force it and how to open and guide the process.  Number 2 is the difficult and elusive part of the whole journey and the part that cannot be forced or learned by just using the aneros over and over. 

    Background:  I have been using the MGX and Helix for well over a year off and on.  I started with the MGX and then picked up the Helix based on input from the forum.  Recently I have had a very positive response each time I used the Helix. For a long long time it just felt kind of nice and I had doubt, but kept going due to the advice and stories of this forum.  I was at the point where I was not sure if I was having Super O’s or only p-waves and some involuntaries.  I doubted that the great response I was having was really a Super O.  I have read too much about transcendental states and overall mind and body bliss to believe that I was really there! 

    I had a night to myself in a hotel so I thought I would try to sleep with the Eupho inserted.  I have not tried this before.  In fact ,I have not tried the Eupho for 9 nine months or more.  At that time it did little for me and like many I was at the phase of doubting the whole Aneros pleasure response.    Holy crap was I wrong!!

    My typical pattern is to insert the Helix with Shea butter and slippery stuff and then use erotic stimulation  to get going.  I then move into a series of contractions with some breathing.  I start standing and then move to the recommended side leg bent position.  During the active contraction phase I begin to focus on erotic imagery, breathing and nipple stimulation.  The last four times that has brought me to body shakes, p-waves and involuntaries.  That was the point, up until last night, where I was not sure of my state on the journey but assuming that there was more.

    The key to my success at that point was moving from visual stimulation to focused mental erotic thoughts, breathing and nipple stimulation all while maintaining awareness of the feelings in my prostrate.  The next key was to allow myself to relax or sink into the moment.  What I mean is that I did not allow myself to try “too hard” or force contractions and aneros movement.  That would kill or stifle the build up.  I focused on easing into a calm mental state by focusing on erotic thoughts and breathing.  That would lead to more body shakes and involuntaries with 4 to 6 waves of pleasure.  I knew there was more but I was okay with and very happy with my progress.  The doubt that there was something to this was gone and I felt that my anal muscles and cradle were stronger and I was more aware…rewired to a certain degree if you will.

    Now onto the events of last night.  Let me start by saying that at a couple of points I was scared.  My heart was racing and I lost the ability to control myself.  I am strongly type A.  I do not lose control voluntarily very often.  I must have experienced a Super O.

    I knew I was in for an experience when I inserted the Eupho.  My plan was to not focus on a session but to get some sleep and see what happened.  Again I have not used the Eupho for 9+ months and initially I thought about switching to the Helix because it had recently started working, but I stuck with the Eupho because I did not want as much stimulation I and wanted to see what would happen.  I was pleasantly surprised when I started to have contractions almost immediately after inserting the Eupho.  I stuck with my routine and continued to have strong contractions.  I went to bed and began my usual routine with mild p-waves and body shakes but did not feel the strong urge to proceed. I decided to try and sleep and see what happened.

    I had some good dreams and was a bit distracted trying to sleep.  About 45mins after falling asleep I woke up and felt like focusing on the Eupho and the good feelings.  I was already going with the flow and following instinct.  I quickly reached my previous best point after just a few minutes and barely had time to focus on erotic thoughts and breathing.  The p-waves hit me like a train and I was quickly losing control.  I rolled onto my back and grabbed onto the sides of the hotel double sized bed and just about ripped the sheets off.  The feelings and contractions were coming in strong waves.  I had never felt such intense movement and pleasure from the Aneros or my prostate.  This was my point of fear…Would I lose control and perhaps my sanity?  Would I become addicted? Would I “break” myself and be stuck in a permanent bliss state?  Had I focused on these thoughts during a normal session, It would have ended the it, but there was no stopping now.  The doubt and fear was gone and a dizzy out of body transcendental state filled the void.  I was still on my back bucking and shaking.  There was no effort or thought on my part.  Everything was in automatic. Two waves of this occurred and then I was done. 

    I was left with a nice afterglow and I was nervous as I thought about what just happened and what will occur the next time.  Is this a new stage with more to come?  Can it become more intense and pleasurable? 

    Wow….Much respect for the Aneros forum experts/masters and their advice and much respect for the power of the prostate and the journey with Aneros.

  • Hellyes,

      Great write-up!  Glad you broke through.  As the journey continues it will keep getting better as you become more in tune with your body. 
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    hellyes - Congratulations!! Great descriptions of your experience.  I have also had much success with the eupho which i started using just recently.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Congratulations Hellyes! And a very nice write up. :)