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Unexpected Outcome II
  • Hi all, 

    I'm into my third year of rewiring now, and still enjoying a few sessions a month during business travel in which a variety of prostatic sensations, varying from "warm" to "exciting" and culminating in what I identify as p-waves, continue. There has not been much change since one year ago March, when I reported a hands-free wet orgasm:

    Well, this month, the same thing happened again, although with even less "effort" than before. I was laying on a warm hotel bed in Asia, suffering from a bit of jet lag, and slipping in and out of light sleep sessions that encouraged my body to play with its Aneros pal on and off. I was drifting along, lying on my back and stimulating my nipples a little bit to enhance a mild p-wave, when I felt it building. I decided to straighten my legs to induce a little more direct prostate pressure, and the Aneros "hit the spot." My PC muscles seemed to react with involuntary contractions and my heart began to race. "All good" I loosely thought, as my cock grew harder and I concentrated on the sensations in my prostate, imagining it to be glowing with a light and energy that spilled over my body.

    Well, spill it did, because very soon I felt the contractions in my prostate produce a warm and wet puddle of semen on my stomach. Very quickly, the excitement and sensation ebbed in classic post-ejaculatory let-down, and I could not help but mutter in disappointment, "That is not what I was aiming for!" I can't help but feel frustrated that another 18 months of patient effort has resulted in another "event," but it's the same event and not my idea of progress.

    Same questions as 18 months ago:

    - Is this an event ON the path to rewiring, or…
    - Was it a detour that, if it happens more, takes me OFF the path (and away from an eventual first Super-O)?
    - Does this kind of “unsolicited hands-free” happen to other folks a lot? Are they also folks like me who are still wandering in search of the elusive Super-O?

    Sign me, 

    "Still patient but somewhat bummed" tall guy.

    Thanks for any thoughts or advice.

  • Happens to me also :(
  • Hi golfball, 

    Thanks. How far along are you on your path? How often have you had HFWO's? And have you had other events or milestones to report?

    Glad for any feedback you might offer.
  • on and off for over a year, my journey is probably not the best to follow due to all sorts of complications noted on here such as lower spine surgery and tight pelvic muscles. My original plan was to use it for health benefits,

    My session today was quite violant, my muscels going into spasm fast leading to an achy prostate and making a mess of the douvet!

    I fall into the frustrated what the hell catagory of users (probably the minority) I lay there thinking I will have a mild session small tiny contractions but before i know if I am on my front hard as a rock and muscles beating the crap out of my backside and prostate, some may think im lucky I guess.

  • Thanks golfball, I agree your journey is quite different due to the complications noted, and very different prostate sensations. I wish you continued healing and enjoyment along the way.

    To the rest of the community, my questions remain open and I will appreciate any additional advice/feedback!