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Is this what should be expected
  • I am just restarting my adventure with my Helix and seem to be having very large explosive results.

    My journey is for mainly therapeutic health reasons, of course with the added side effect ;) However when I start even after about 1 minute my muscles start contracting, and my prostate feels like its doubled in size desperate to release, the feeling then builds until I have no choice but to make myself cum. My prostate does not seem to want to milk itself :( If I dont I am left with the same feeling of quite achy.

    I guess I am having a super O?

    Does anyone else feel like their prostate has enlarged (also aches a bit feeling of engorgement) and also have to finish themselves off to stop the engorged feeling?

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    I'd bet if you can just take some deep breathes, allow yourself to relax and get past the achy, engorged prostate feeling without any penile stimulation and ejaculation, you might find a wonderful experience. In my own experience, an engorged prostate means I am very aroused. Ejaculating at that point just kills any arousal and the session is over.

    You actually do have a choice not to make yourself have an ejaculatory orgasm. But learning to relax through these sensations is the only way I've found to get past that urge to masturbate and have an ejaculatory orgasm.