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Helix Results
  • CA25CA25
    Posts: 48
    I was working from home one day last week. Since I knew I would be sitting at my desk most of the day I decided to put my Helix in as I worked. It was the first time that I had immediate pre-come spill out as soon as I put it in. It was also different than my normal pre-come, it was much thinner and watery, and it kept dribbling out on its own for a few minutes. It was sort of like watered down milk. When I sat in my chair, for comfort I basically pulled up one of my legs and sat on it so that I would not be sitting directly on the Helix. During the course of a few hours I would feel those wonderful feelings which I assume are involuntaries. They were mild, not strong, but still wonderful feeling. I equate it to the exact feeling when you are immediately prior to the point of no return of an ejaculation. Like a tickling feeling almost. That is such a great feeling, and to feel that happening and not having it kick into an orgasm is really amazing. What should I look out for next? Will these sensations get stronger? My wife also really enjoyed the fact I was so hard and came almost twice the normal amount that night.
  • Whew!  Congratulations, CA25, that's just wonderful.  Sounds like you're experiencing a bunch of new feelings with Aneros.  As you attest, there are many ways to "skin the (Aneros) cat" as it were, and this is yet another example of how versatile our little toys can be.

    I often use in the morning, today was a great example.  I had a great night's sleep and woke up pretty horny and ready to go!  I took a pee and lubed up my Helix.  Immediately upon insertion, I started feeling that great tingle that I get up my spine to let me know that contact has been made with my prostate.  The intense waves washed over me for almost 90 minute when I had to get up. I left the Helix in place while I went about my morning, sitting at my desk, I had several wonderful full body orgasms and the tingling up my spine continued, gently, in what I can only call ecstatic waves.  It's wonderful.

    I often leave my Helix or Eupho in place, they're both small and allow normal movement and sitting.  I love the extended wonderful Aneros feel, and I think you're in the same place. 

    As far as 'next' is concerned, just don't expect, experience.  Allow your body to take you where ever it wishes and enjoy the ride.  Expectations can dampen your experience, so just let it go.

    Good luck.  Many guys will willingly take your place.