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Needing Some More Advice
  • Hello everyone, I need some more advice. I've been using the Aneros (Progasm for the most part, but Helix Syn recently as well) for about nine months now and it's been a fun journey, though no orgasms yet. I've definitely been making progress as far as becoming familiar with the device, doing contractions, identifying new sensations, etc. However, one thing that has eluded me from the beginning is inducing involuntary contractions. It's a little frustrating because I seem to have made so much progress in other areas.

    Basically, at this point, I think that if I can find a good way for me to get involuntary contractions, I'll be set. As of today, I've only ever experienced one, very short and pleasurable set of involuntary contractions. It was closer to the beginning of my journey. While I was lying on my side in bed during the said session, not even really paying attention, I noticed a sort of warm pressure coming from my anal region. This intensified and I got a few quick involuntary contractions, followed by one strong contraction accompanied by a wave of pleasure that swept over my body. I can only imagine this was a P-Wave, but it startled me a bit and stopped right after the wave subsided.

    I feel that I should also note how my general sessions go. Normally, I insert the device, relax for a little bit, then watch some erotic material on my computer while doing sets of voluntary contractions. This allows me to build the muscle groups and explore sensations, but still no involuntaries. Since my only true set of involuntary contractions came from the more "do-nothing" type method, I may try it more often. The only problem is I typically get tired while relaxing and lose my arousal. So, now that you've hopefully read my wall of text, any advice or suggestions?

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    Ive been at this for just over a year.  I have tried the voluntray contractions in the beginning and later went with the do nothing technique for the most part and still do to this day.  The important thing about involuntaries i think IMHO is that you have to be extremely relaxed for them to start.  Now they come automatically right from the start, not sure why.  Maybe Ive trained myself to be better relaxed.  Theres my two cents, hope it helps.
  • I started a little over a year ago, and I had a tendency to tense up. So I focused on relaxation. I didn't seem to be making much progress, so I just enjoyed the fantasies I would have and I would have a relaxing time. Later I discovered that I was fighting the involuntary contractions. I was trying so hard to relax, that when the involuntaries would try to start, I would squash them, thinking I was tensing up. 

    So there's a bit of a paradox here: you need to relax your mind and muscles, feel safe and secure, and figure out the difference between tension and the beginning of contractions which can lead to orgasms. For me, the feeling I get at the beginning of a contraction feels like I'm losing my relaxation-mode, so I tend to "do something" to change that. That often hammers the contraction back down, and you have to start the cycle over. I think "doing nothing" means relaxing through the contraction, not physically responding to it.