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Concensus on Fish Oil?
  • Hey guys, long time lurker, semi-first time poster.
    I still haven't reached the elusive super-O after almost two years of trying, though I feel like I've come very close once or twice somewhat recently. Every so often I like to pop in here to see what people have to say and if there's any information I can glean that'll move me in the right direction. I'm not too frustrated as my sessions tend to be quite enjoyable in general, but that habit lead me to stumble upon some posts about Zaneblue's "Orgasmic Diet", which specifically points to fish oil being extremely helpful.
    I've tried to find some more recent posts about it (as in posts from within the last year), but there doesn't seem to be any. Does the information about the Orgasmic Diet and the wonder of fish oil still hold true? If so, I feel like newbies and strugglers such as myself would benefit from it being more common knowledge.
  • legacelegace
    Posts: 129
    I dont find a difference, but i think she recommended quite a high dose. I would still take it because its good for you , if it helps with your orgasm then thats great.
  • CollinCollin
    Posts: 56
    My experience with the fish oil is that it increased my sexual desire significantly, which initially helped with my aneros sessions for a short period of time.  I eventually stopped using it for that purpose though, because I found that it was not long before it stopped me from getting sustained multi orgasms which I had been enjoying prior to taking the oil.  Just as Zaneblue said, the fish oil speeds up orgasm in men.  That sounds like it would be a good thing, but in my experience it had me going over the top far too quickly, then losing all sensation during the aneros sessions.  I started having retrograde ejaculations. While no semen came out, I felt myself peak quickly, then all good feelings were gone and I was left with that numb feeling similar to what we feel after ejaculation.  Now I only use fish oil occasionally and at lower doses since my body reacted so strongly to it and it really put a damper on my sexual experiences.
  • In the book the orgasm diet, which zaneblue pulls a lot info from, it even states that the diet is geared towards women. While fish oil is good for both men and women, women need a different dosage than men and the book even mentions that men should take a lower dose. For my wife she buys extra strength fish oil and takes at least 2 pills 2 times a day and tries for the 3rd dose but weve figured out that its not that important. On top of that the book recommends that you also take a multi vitamin, eat at least 70% dark chocolate everyday and eat a diet of high protein low carbs. It has definitely helped my wife. I was trying to match her with my fish oil and found that I had a hard time ingesting that much and it made me so horny I couldn't function at work haha, but at the same time of all that I was also trying to abstain from masturbation and had been for a week or two very well. Also as a reminder it does take some time for the fish oil to build up in your system, as with a lot of medicine. Now I take 2 to 3 pills a day and its perfect.
  • Thanks for weighing in on your experiences, guys. As for me, I've been taking the fish oil for about a week and definitely feel some effect in that I'm more sensitive, but not the overwhelming horniness described. Is a week long enough for it to "build up" or does it take longer?
  • CollinCollin
    Posts: 56
    Hi Bunkercake.  A week should be enough time to begin to feel the effects, but then everyone is different. You may start to feel more of it after a couple of more weeks. Our bodies go through their own highs and lows when it comes to sex drive as well, so you may find the fish oil helps more at certain times than others.  When I take fish oil, I feel its effects on my sex drive the very same day, but then I've always been very sensitive to foods and supplements.  Of course there are those times when my body just does not cooperate, fish oil or not.  I'd love to know more about what makes us tick when it comes to arousal levels.  As some have discussed on the forum, full moons can raise sex drives, and strangely enough when I get less sleep my sex drive is much higher. I have no idea why.
  • For me it took probably about two weeks before I realized it was the fish oil. Remember, its not a horny pill. There are many different chemicals that play a factor for your sex drive. Omega-3 fish oils increase dopamine levels in males and females, but males already have higher dopamine levels than women, and that is why we are able to relax quicker so we CAN enjoy our sex drive. Now you can have too high of dopamine in your system (which can also kill the mood) so that is why the book suggested eating dark chocolates and eating a high protein diet, oh and refraining from pop and caffeine at least a couple hours before you do anything sexually, if not everyday. The dark chocolates balance out the dopamine and the high protein promotes higher Testosterone levels.

    Fun fact about the orgasm diet...
    The author suggested that women do kegels almost as much she suggested women take fish oil. She says she got to the point in her kegel exercises where she could actually orgasm from them alone without touching any other area.