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A very powerful Aneros toning spin off
  • Hi guys,

    Many Aneros users can attest to Aneros toning benefits or effects to both the prostate and anal canal. This is certainly true of the larger models of the Maximus, Progasm Classic, and Progasm Ice, especially when you do the Kegel Exercises with those models. In recent weeks, the Kegels enhance my sessions with those models, and the Maximus, Progasm Classic, and Ice enable me to do the Kegels in a more robust, determined fashion. I have noticed recently that the Aneros and the Kegels exist for each other. This connection has added a new thrill to my Aneros sessions!

    But in the last month or so, I have noticed a rather curious, yet wonderful benefit of Aneros toning upon my thighs, legs, even upon my pectorals, and biceps. Also, while I have walked several miles each day here in DC since 1986, I even have found such toning upon my long walks in that my walks become power walks.

    Has anybody else noticed such Aneros toning upon the musculature of your body far beyond your prostate and anal muscles?

  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,009
    B.G.DC, thank you for the wider vision. I had let the Kegels go a bit, but last night with 'ice' I tried a few Kegels now I will look more seriously at the combination for general benefits. With my BHP there is a fair amount of pressure on the P so gently, gently.
    Edit: Your post has really stirred me up. My focus has become very limited. First it was to test the benefit of prostate massage and BHP, then as that felt nice the focus shifted more to pleasure. I have noticed an overall general improvement in the whole pelvic area. I am going to follow through on what you have found and have some sessions with 'ice' to focus on muscle work, eg Kegels. I have isolated enough muscles to revolve the exercises. Also the pelvis area is a foundation area for the rest of the body, so improvement here should flow out to the rest of the body. Much food for thought.
  • BigGlansDC,

    I definitely agree with you.  I am a big mtn biker and runner and I can tell a difference in the last year of Aneros use. Improved muscle tone and strength. I can feel my legs burn after a good two hour Helix session while on a bike ride the next day.  I call it my mind body yoga and strength training!

    Is there anything the Helix cannot do?
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,009
    Yes I have noticed a change.
    For the last few weeks I have been able to stride comfortably at 6kph on the treadmill. I can even do 5 minutes striding at 6.4kph. This is remarkable. I find that the striding seeming works the prostate and the PC muscles. It all feels so much better down there. Also Aneros has considerably assisted my sexlife with my wife. It has been incremental but my Aneros experience has made my life new and fresh (for a 73yo!)