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Response to "My First Super Orgasm..." post
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    First off, Welcome to the Aneros Forums !

    Secondly, Congratulations on being such a quick study and achieving your first Super-O's so easily. Attaboy

    Thirdly, since it would be bad etiquette to sully the My First Super Orgasm... sticky thread with a response there, I started this thread for others to respond/comment in as well.

    Many men have experienced altered states of consciousness during their Super-O experiences, so your comment "...and suddenly I lost all sense of body presence. It was like I was floating in space. My perceptions became like a constellation of “sense-images...” is perfectly natural and normal.

    The "Terror at the Gates" is another common experience for men approaching the Super-O (in your case during) - " a certain point I began to worry that I might slip away for good, drift away on a sea of pleasure – I might even have been “afraid” that I was losing my sense of “I-myself”...". This is simply your ego desiring to maintain a vice grip of control on your conscious reality. The trouble with this is, it cuts short the experience which wants to merge your conscious and subconscious worlds into an integrated whole.

    This fear is totally unwarranted, you can ride the pleasure as long as your body is willing to carry you along. When your body is ready to wind down, it WILL wind down, but why not enjoy the bliss for the entire ride and tell your ego to clam down and observe the scenery. You already know what the rewiring is doing to your psyche and it's all good as you said - "I think the using the helix has made me a happier and nicer person."

    Aneros use leading to a Super-O forces men to accept a more passive/receptive mode of behavior. In Taoist energy terms this is the Yin energy commonly associated with the feminine as opposed to the active/penetrative Yang energy commonly attributed to masculinity. It is getting one self to accept the duality of our nature, the Yin-Yang Yin-Yang, and balancing these energies which creates and fulfills the whole person. I think what you're feeling is this re-balancing of energy, it just may seem more feminine but it is still all you.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image