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Should I consider another model?
  • I have both
    MSG and Helix, but I doubt are these 2 models really fit me. I am an
    average Asian with height about 5’7’’ (174 cm). After insertion, the P-tab of
    both models barely touch my
    I have to contract fully only the P-tab touches my perineum, and
    it only touches so lightly on the skin surface. I started Aneros since a year ago,
    I can now easily archive involuntary clamping of whole body but without sense
    of climax, and I find it quite annoying as it washed away all the good
    feeling…. Sometime after a Aneros session, I will wake up in in the middle of the sleep and found
    myself are shaking, but again no climax sense.  

    I wonder should I consider a smaller SGX instead.
    Thanks in advance. 

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782 - Surely you meant MGX and not MSG?  LOL  

    Ok, all joking aside, both of these models should be sufficient to do the job. If you are going to buy another model, I'd go for a larger one. Progasm, Maximus, or Vice fit into that category. Otherwise, just be patient and keep practicing with what you have.
  • The reason I asked so is because I notice the P-tab hardly in contact with my perineum and feel like the tip of the aneros goes way too deep.  Yet to find a better approach to achieve next level... 

    PS: Sorry for the typo. English is not my first language, I never sensitive to spelling and grammars  :))
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    I am 6 ft tall and my SGX (with tail removed) does a nice job stimulating the lower part of my prostate.  I think it would be ideal for you.   Somewhere I've read that the SGX was developed expressly for the Asian Market.

    Today the Japanese site is down for maintenance but you might check it out in a few days.

    hth....   blessings...  rook