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Painfull bodycramps im worried
  • Malmo1Malmo1
    Posts: 22

    I have searched the forum for painrelated threads, but I could'nt find a similar. There are alot about pain, maybe I have missed it. But I felt that I need to ask you because im worried.

    I had a session today. Everything was good until my second O. My legs, stomich, chest, arms and neck cramped. But it was pain instead of plessaure. I was laying flat on My back, it was so strong musclecramp that I automatically was drawn up to like à sitting position. When the cramps didn't evolve, when it was at the top I exploded in a strong orgasm, the orgasm was really nice but I still I had these unpleasant cramps during the orgasm.

    Does anybody have/had it like this. Im worried, I mean its pain-pain. Is it suppose to be like this?

    Or is this a stage or a step that everybody goes thru during the journey? I have ofc  had session everynight since friday because I think this is amazing but maybe it has been to much for my body and have to take it easy for awhile. It's hard when you do nothing in the evening and starts to think how it feels in a session. Then the arousement comes and my body asks for it and it's really hard do deny it, but I guess I have to.

    Im thankfull is somebody have an oppinion, maybe same experience to share.

    Then I can relax abit more, like I said, im abit worried.

    Best Regards
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    Yes, I had a couple of these when I was starting out. Relax and don't panic. It will pass. Your body will learn.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,832
    Hi Malmo,
         Yes, been there.  Remember that you are exciting muscles and muscle groups in patterns that differ from everyday activities and in your regular workout routine.  So, cramps and post-session soreness may be a natural outcome.

          When I experienced this and reported it in the forum, <rumel> stepped up to the plate and reminded me that many of our responses may be rather 'athletic' in nature.  Even deep tremor, however slight, can yield some cramping.  Like any workout, do some stretching before your session and remember to stay hydrated.  For an extended session keep a bottle of drinking water or perhaps sports drink on your nightstand.

    hth...   blaessings... rook
  • I will second Rook's suggestion of keeping hydrated.  Make sure you have enough potassium and electrolytes.  I know when I go out drinking for a night, if I forgot to eat something hearty before or drink Gatorade throughout the night, I would wake up the next morning with terrible leg cramps, just overall cramps.  Hopefully doing the warmup, some stretching, getting limber, and keeping hydrated will keep you well prepared for the next session.  I'm looking forward to seeing how the next one goes.  Please keep us informed.
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777

    You've never had a muscle cramp when climaxing during sex?  It's the same thing.  It's normal for the situation you've described, but as others have said, take a break for a few days.

  • Hi @Malmo,

    I am sorry that you are experiencing pain in your Aneros sessions. The Aneros Wiki advises that you had off, take it easy, and perhaps stop for a day or so if you are experiencing intense pain from the Aneros.

    Take care,