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Oh my, what a feeling
  • Malmo1Malmo1
    Posts: 22
    Hello all!

    Im so happy that I need to share my new experience. I recently wrote this thread: But I need to start a new thread because I think this one is different, so I hope you don't think im spaming with new threads.

    Last night I went to bed at 23:00. I had descided to try again, session nr 4. I had made all the preps. I read in a thread how the Aneros was finding their own way by letting the body welcome it. Well to make this easier and to make me more aroused I hade som vaseline on my fingertop. I gently started to make circle movement on my spinchter and I got more aroused, then stuck in my fingertipp in my anus and relaxed and was doing the breathing. Suddenly I felt how it was drawn inside, gently. Then I got really aroused. When I had my finger there I started do very gently contraction, like it was almost no contraction at all. Only so I could feel the spincher surround my finger. Then I knew how soft I should try to contract in session 4.

    I was laying on my side. This time I hade no expectations at all. Since I got a taste on what it was from session 2 and 3 I somehow new that it can be better. So I stopped the expectation and just existed. I did empty my mind and relaxed for about 5 - 10 minutes. I gently put the Helix to my spinchter to  just letting it touch it. I did the same cirlce as with my finger, put it in abit and relaxed. It started do tingle and then i could feel a sucking force and it was drawn in. It went in very slowly and the tab started to tickle with feathertouch sensations on my sweetspot. What a feeling! It felt like I was going out of my mind, the pressure got harder and more sensations came to me, but when the Helix went to it's place the was only a comfortable feeling at the sp. Then I just relaxed and breath for about 10 min. Within these minutes I started to feel that pulsating feeling, like it moved a tiny bit back and forth to fade away, doing this time to time.

    I started with the same contraction as on the finger. Contract/inhale, release/exhale, did it very very slowly. The pulses came again. I did this really slowly and gently, very teasing. Pulses came when I released and faded when I contracted. But after a while it stayed in the contraction movement but it was a different pulse, it was deeper and softer.
    Suddenly things started to happen at the sweetspot, vibes. I thoought this is special. I started to explore that area with my mind and visualize how that vibe moved. It grow stronger and after a while it faded, but here was a small intense pressure on the sweetspot. It started again, stronger....faded.....again and the vibes spread to the spincher area, faded.....vibes again, crawling up to my scrotum, I have never felt anything like this before. I concentraded on the feeling and the breathing, then it expanded to my hole package, it was so strong. I went up to my stomach, my muscle started to cramp. This was so amasing. I took a quick look on my penis and it was solid, hard as a rock. I could'nt control myself, my muscles in my stomach went crazy, it was like a jumping machine and my breating was very intense, like I did 10-15 inhalse in one inhale. The feeling in my ass, scrotum, sp was not of this world. I just dripped precum. It was so strong so I autumatically crawled to a ball, knees against my chest. Then it started to fade, and i was breathless.

    After a while it started again, the same thing but not that concentrated on my penis, but stronger in my anus, the pulses was extreamly, same thing in my stomach, but now it started to cramp really hard, but a good cramp, everything was so strong and my Helix was crawling so hard up my ass that it felt like it was lifting me. I started to get flash images. I dont know what that is, it was not pleasurable images. It was images from memories. From the shoestore, I mean what is that and why did it come in the middle of the orgasm? That actually made me thinking on that images and I started to loose control and it all faded.

    Next orgasm was not that intense, alot of pressure from my Helix but somehow I did'nt appriciated the orgasm because I couldn't get that shoe image out of my head.
    When I ended my session the time was 03:15, it felt like the time had been frozen.

    But anyway, those orgasm. I did not know those really existed. This journey is the best vacation ever, and it's not over, it has only begun.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    Congratulations on your first Super-O and you got there oh so quickly. Here's hoping there are many more and frequent ones in your future.

    Re: Flash images, like dreams, are probably messages your subconscious is trying to convey to your consciousness cloaked in your mental symbology. Please do not dismiss these gifts of insight as meaningless but instead take the time to examine them for their truths.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • That is a great description, Malmo. And I echo rumel about paying attention to the images. I find it helpful to simply acknowledge them during the session, and write about them later.
  • jjajja
    Posts: 49

    No disrespect to rumel, but I wouldn't pay attention to the image.  I have had "flashes" of images while having a session.  However I am so relaxed I am on the edge of falling asleep.  I have had this happen when I'm not in a session as well if I am laying down and drift off for a nap. 

    Maybe it is a subconcious thing, but it might have also been your mind on the edge of falling asleep as well.

  • Hi Malmo,

    Congratulations on your first Super-O so soon along your Aneros journey! May you advance along to many more Super-O's and other sublime blessings from the Aneros.