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Doing Yoga with Aneros In
  • I just got a Helix Syn -- an AMAZING device -- and I tried putting it in before doing my morning yoga. All the different leg stretches and poses in the Vinyasa flow sequence felt like they caused the device to massage my prostate from different angles and with different intensity. It felt "nice"... not arousing... like extra soothing, extra grounding yoga session. 

    I would like to try it more, as it would make my yoga session more enjoyable.

    Is there any possible danger or problem with doing yoga with the Aneros (syn) inserted?

    I didn't feel anything abnormal or cause to indicate concern from using it during yoga... but I am concerned that this use falls outside the normal range of positions it was designed for. There is always the disclaimer of not using too much force during prostate massage.
  • cj187cj187
    Posts: 68
    I'm sure I've heard a few of the guys talk about using whilst doing tai chi and/or yoga. Guess it would be dangerous if you lost your balance possibly
  • Hi @RastaYoga,

    Sounds very interesting. Can one sit in the classic lotus position with the Aneros inserted doing meditation?

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Remember that Aneros sessions, Yoga and Moving Meditation in the Martial Arts act upon the same chakras so the practices can be combined for a synergistic effect.

    As with any 'energies' session, the objective is to compliment and enhance rather than retard your re-wiring. It's good to emerge having had a positive and painfree experience, all resulting from smooth and balanced energy flows.  I've been doing just this as a part of my Tai Chi practice for about two years.  I think this means:

    -- being proficient in all your planned poses/stances/forms before you undertake a 'moving meditation' session with an Aneros inserted.

    -- 'start small' with the largest Peridise then consider graduating upward to a prostate toy like the SGX.  Leave the larger toys till later, much later.  Work on upper stances before moving on with the lower stances.  Emphasize endurance. 

    -- rehearse and practice any move, pose, stance or form at home and on a resilient mat before you attempt to refine it in group or with a Master.

    -- at first, undertake Tai Chi forms in a manner wherein you can 'flow through' the entire form.  Execute each stance and transition so that you can escape or collapse from it without injury or severe body contortion.  Avoid Lotus poses or Tai Chi forms where relaxing or giving up the stance/pose might cause an uncontrolled collapse and injury.  Always give yourself a safe way out should you experience a severe cramp or seizure.  Allow your energy to flow and not become 'sealed.'  Leave strenuous forms like Sword and stances like 20 minutes of Horse till later in your Journey.

    -- If you are mano a mano with another person let them know, up front, that you are inserted. And, avoid any martial arts activity where overpowering chi/energy from another person may place your body out of reasonable control or cause you to fall. Remember that, particularly during early rewiring, prostate stimulation can trigger epileptic-like or other unanticipated responses.  Your workout partner or leader should be ready to recognize this and save you from injury.

    -- If you are susceptible to Migraine or CSD and experience prodrome you might consider not inserting an Aneros toy for Yoga or martial arts until your prodrome and the subsequent attack has passed.

    Stay grounded, don't forget to breathe and enjoy !   blessings... rook
  • JediJedi
    Posts: 5
    Honestly, man, I think you would be fine.  After having just walked around my 2br apartment from room to room I am considering going on a run for a mile or so with aneros inserted and just the thought turns me on.  Not only being outside while being pleasured but I think the movement would be very stimulating.  Sometimes I put mine in and just bend at the waist all the way down and I can feel the stroking of the aneros and it drives me wild.  I wish it would never stop.
  • @Jedi I can just see you falling to the ground in a fit of conversions in  super O in public.

    Yes officer I am ok now I just was having the orgasm of my life! 

    Or running along the road a hitting a bump and the aneros flying out hitting the ground and boucing into the car windscreen behind you and smashing it. Car owner "What he hell is this and why is it all sticky"
    You think "hmm just say I dont know." or "give it back my arse dropped it!"
    Ok now I am just jiggling..... :))

    Or you get taken to hospital because of the convulsing Ok nurse we have another live one here with something up his arse! add it to the collection.    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  • Walking with any of the devices is near painful for me. 

    Any thing more than that would likely hurt me.

    We are all so different, to each their own. 

    Just take the time to feel things out is my only real advice.

  • thanks for the great advice, Rook and others! 

    I think I will try gentler upper body poses with a smaller device than my Helix Syn!