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PSA blood test
  • Has anyone noticed a increase in their prostate PSA test readings, since using aneros products? My last reading 6 months ago before using My Progasm was 2.5 . Now after using the Progasm for 6 weeks my PSA  reading is 4.2. The range is 0 - 4.0

  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    Using a stimulator within 24 hours I believe will raise the PSA level. I usually 'fast' for a couple of days. The range you mention appears to be age related. Your Progasm is large so will definitely massage the prostate.
    Note: I am not medically trained.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Note:  There is a recent (10/05/2012) change to the NCI guidance for prostate screening  please see:  -- --

    My own PSA has climbed about 5% each year since I started with the Aneros early in 2009.  My Uro feels this is within the ballpark of what he sees in patients my age (late 70s.).    My prostate is estimated at 45-50 grams.

    I'm abiding by the old NCI hurdle of 2.5 (for white guys) so get a PSA every two years. My Uro's instructions are for no sex or massage within two days of a PSA blooddraw.

    Two years ago I thought I wasn't going to have a PSA and the night before my Uro visit had a real fun roughhouse of an Aneros play session.  Next day I walked into my Uro's office and was immediately sent to the lab for a blood draw.  Good news was that my PSA was less than 15% elevated over one taken two years earlier.  We did another PSA 90 days later and the PSA had fallen back to what we had expected it would be.  :)
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    Probably more than you want to know. i found this helpful.
    Age. Serum PSA (ng/ml)
    40-49. 2.0
    50-59. 3.0
    60-69. 4.0
    70-79. 5.5
    ref prostate
    the above reference scales the PSA to age for normal
    Levels not age scaled
    - Normal PSA: 0-4 ng/ml
    - Slightly Elevated PSA: 4-10 ng/ml
    - Moderately Elevated PSA: 10-20 ng/ml
    - Highly Elevated PSA: 20+ ng/ml

    Other ways of measuring PSA have been developed in an effort to make the test more specific for prostate cancer. One of these is called the "Free to Total" PSA. This is a ratio, expressed as a percent. Much of the PSA in the blood is bound to protein, including that produced by cancer cells. But men with benign prostate enlargement have higher levels of free (unbound) PSA and so a higher Free to Total ratio.

    Good PSA Readings (Free to Total Ratio)
    The main differance between the PSA test readings of prostatitis and enlarged prostate, compared to prostate cancer, is the ratio of free vs bound PSA within your test sample.
    - Prostate Cancer will have a higher bound PSA ratio.
    - An enlarged prostate and prostatitis will have a higher free PSA ratio.

    - If your free PSA test results are less than 25%, your risk for developing prostate cancer is between 10% to 20%.
    - If your free PSA test levels are less than 10%, your risk for developing prostate cancer jumps to around 50%.