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Progasm ... Very first experiences
  • Hi all,

    I thought I'd share some first impressions about the Aneros Progasm and my first three sessions. Yes, I only had three sessions :)

    So, First of all the insertion took forever the first time. Then second and third time (yesterday and the day before), I prelubed and it went in a lot easier.

    On to the actual sessions...First session was all about getting used to the fact that I had something up there...Was easier than I thought. Second and third sessions were more enjoyable. Insertion was quick. Then I had the Progasm in for about 2 hours. I had some very slight tingling sensation here and there. I still am getting used to everything thats happening up there.

    1) I guess I'd like to ask you guys what your thoughts are about the Progasm...I am a complete beginner both with the Aneros and any kind of anal activities. Since I bought it, I read many people recommend it for more experienced users, but I just haven't got the money at the moment for a different one...I am gonna have to stick with it.

    2) Also, anyone have any experience about the Doing Nothing method mentioned on the Wiki page? Since I am a beginner should I just take my time and try the Doing Nothing method and get familiar with the sensations?

    3) And finally, Do you HAVE TO be aroused prior insertion or getting aroused after insertion is fine? Just curious...

    I am sorry if these questions have been answered elsewhere but I couldn't find anything about this...

    Thanks for your thoughts in advance ;)

  • PrograProgra
    Posts: 34
    1 I have the Progasm, Syn & MGX, I use the Progasm for fullness and the increased pressure on the prostate.
    I like the lighter touch of the smaller MGX but prefer the tickling feeling of the Syn over all.

    2 I find if using the do nothing approach, concentrate on breathing with the stomach. Seems to give the required movement.

    3 I'm always aroused by the thought of using Aneros, even more so on point of insertion so have never gone into a session 'cold'.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    That's good you are able to insert your Aneros without incident, you've already accomplished the first seven steps on the Milestones list.

    Item #1) While I don't usually recommend the Progasm for newbies, if that is what you have then you can learn to orgasm with it. It may take a little more time but it should still work for you.

    Item #2) You may wish to read "Do Nothing" What does that mean? which I just posted. as noted in the WIKI this method is usually more effective for men who are definitely detecting pleasure from their prostate massager's action. As a newbie I'd recommend you try some of the techniques suggested in the Aneros Learning Center Instructions beginning with "Preparation".

    Item #3) IMHO, arousal is a key component for satisfactory Anerosessions (by arousal I mean mental state, not your erectile state), you may benefit by reading Are you "aroused"? & the Penis, NOT thread by 'Cockadoodle' for further information.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • Rumel and Progra, thanks for your the reply ;) I'll look into the info you sent me rumel, thanks.