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First month with my Helix - some progress, some questions
  • Hi all! I've been using my Helix for about a month now, so I'm getting familiar with its usage. I thought it would be a good idea to share my experiences and I also have some questions I hope you can help with.

    I'm using Lifestyles' water based lubricant Silky Smooth for lubricating the outside of my anus before and I also use about 4-5 ml of it for pre-lubrication. For insertion I'm using a standard 5 ml plastic medical syringe with the tip cut off as Aztec suggested. It works like a charm, and its shape is only slighly discomfortable. I guess I'll give a try to those lube shooters later, but I don't know when, the syringe gets the job done pretty well. 

    For lubrication of the Helix itself I use vaseline. Yes, I know some say it's risky business (and others say it isn't) but it really ensures maximum movement of the Helix for the whole length of sessions and I haven't experienced any adverse effects yet. Unfortunately all those popular lubricants discussed in these forums, like K-Y, aren't sold by any retailers (not even by sexshops!) here in Hungary so I guess I have to use what I can access. Recently I've also tried using the Silky Smooth also for lubricating the Helix - damn, that session was a downer! I'm still getting familiar with the feelings the Helix induces, but at that time I could literally feel the increased friction and the lack of movement. Currently I seriously doubt if water based solutions can lubricate the Helix properly and - as I see - no pre-lubrication helps on that. Or maybe I'm just using too little amount of pre-lube? I really can't tell. 

    I find insertion rather easy but I'm still learning the proper way for removal. At the end of the first session I have almost panicked when my sphincters did not seem to release the Helix. On a second thought I can't recall reading too much about removal on wiki or in these forums, though I think it's a topic worth discussing - at least for noobs like me. Lately I found that both for insertion and for removal the proper way is to reach down between my legs, while lying on my side. I've also did it lying on my right side earlier but for some reason I've always tried to remove by reaching down next to left thigh - and it's defninitely more difficult that way. 

    After insertion I regularly put a sheet of paper towel folded 3 times between my perineum and the P-tab. Yes, I'm one of those guys who think the shape is way too agressive. I felt it during my first session and I still think it is. Question about that: In other topics I often read about the art of placing the P-tab into the proper position and about the importance of that. Currently I can only feel that different placements of the P-tab lead to different alignment of the Helix, and different stimulation of the prostate, but that's all. So the question: does this kind of padding of the P-tab reduce its efficiency? Does it have less effect through 6 layers of paper towel? Does it really need to be placed with milimeter precision on a spot... I can't really identify yet?

    About the sessions themselves: During the first ones I've experimented with voluntary contractions, different breathing techniques, visualization, different poses (lying on back, feet flat on the bed seem to be the best so far), but the more I read about the journey the more I'm convinced that results don't come from conscious efforts. I'm more and more convinced, that the "do-nothing" method is the one for me, and tonight I've tried it with great results. No orgasms yet, and I'm not even sure if the things I've felt matche the definition of P-waves, but I felt really aroused, I felt my pulse all over my body, also my whole body felt warm, and... I really don't know how to describe it. At the best moments it felt like floating. It was great!

    What I wanted to ask - might sound kinda weird - but is there some sort of a description or "tutorial" on this do-nothing method? I'm asking this because I really want to know what exactly consist of "doing something" in terms of this method and what doesn't. Does the name only refer to the conscious control of muscles, or does it also mean emptying your brain? Is there a topic here which discusses this method? I'd be really curious. 
    My other quesion: I've also read that the ability to control the perineal muscle and the sphincter separately is a key skill on the journey, and that one should excercise this separate control regularly outside of sessions. What confuses me, is how the conscious control of muscles can help when one uses the do-nothing approach? Or are these separate things? I could use some advice on this also. 

    And a last thing: Emptying the rectum after the session. Is it normal of some feces also comes with the lube? Or if i have started the session with an empty rectum, nothing but lube should leave afterwards, if anything else comes should the lube be blamed (I mean for the possible irritation)? I'm not sure as there is no urge to got to the toilet during sessions, but after them, sometimes only lube comes out, sometimes not only lube. Is that okay? I have no anal experience before Aneros so I really don't know. 

    Long story short I feel I'm on the right track, I'm enjoying the journey so far and I'm really glad that I decided to try Aneros :)
  • BadgerBadger
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    Push gently like you're going to fart or pass a stool, all the while gently pulling on the Aneros.  It's not all that abnormal to have a little something when purging afterwards; the important thing is, is there any on the Aneros upon removal?  If so, then maybe a little more straining beforehand is required, or a light douching with plain water.
  • Hi there,

    I am curious about the same, as in the Doing Nothing technique... I had two sessions so far, but till now nothing happened. I guess I stepped into the trap of 'waiting for something to happen'. Occasionally I felt some tingling I guess? But that is all. I am looking forward to what kind of responses you're getting here, because this question you raised concerns me too :)

    All the best.

    (oh, and btw I am using the Progasm... After I bought it I realised how many people said it was not really for beginners...well, I have it now, so might as well stick with it :)
  • Badger: It only happened once that there was a very tiny amount of mess on Aneros. Actually I've expected that anal play will be more of a messy business. 
    Attila: I'm not an expert at all, but all I can say is that it takes time. I've already had only like 10 sessions but I'm still getting new feelings every time. The only thing I can tell for sure is that proper lubrication makes a large difference - so make sure you lube up that Progasm well. 
  • Best advice is just to stick with it an patience patience patience. When I think back to my first sessions it was literally nothing. 3 months in, and I can never get to my next session fast enough, and I'm still fairly early on in rewiring. It WILL happen, you just have to experiment and listen to what your body is telling you. It's definitely a journey and you'll get answers as well as have more questions! but it's a fun ride!