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  • i use the progasm once or twice a day but i am not geting any pleasure is it because your prostate gets less sensitivie the more you use it
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Nope. Although you probably don't really need to use it more than once a day. Just keep in mind that if you start to feel some discomfort and/or pain, stop all Aneros sessions until your body has time to rest and heal. It takes time for some men to re-wire and develop pleasurable sensations. I was one of those. So be patient and keep on practicing. :)
  • ZoopZoop
    Posts: 31
    I don't know about less sensitive in any sort of permanent manner, but for me, if I use the aneros without much of a break between sessions, It becomes harder to feel anything from it anymore, or worse case I feel a mild-to-obvious soreness.
    Taking longer (most people say at least a day of abstinence) between sessions and you'll make a lot more progress and feel it a lot more. Maybe this becomes less of an issue the more experienced you are with the device and the less sore it makes you.