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  • do you have to breath the same time as you contract your pc muscles and anal muscles
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,832
    I don't.  Just gentle belly breathing and unlike others I inhale and exhale through my nose.  I'm also more into the 'do-nothing' mode with most of my toys.  So calm and a meditative approach is more my style.

    About the only "co-ordiinated" breathing I do is when beginning a Vice session in the "active" mode.  (see B.F. Mayfield's suggestions for "passive" and "active" use of the Vice.)

    "Actively," I try to pick up on the rise-fall of Vice's vibe and find a breathing rate that syncs to it.  Usually that's about one breath for each 5 peaks of the Vice's pattern.  (rate will vary depending on my oxygen needs)  The goal is to not continue counting vibe cycles but make the synchronization a sub-conscious function that is "in background."   Then switch to B.F.'s "passive mode,"  relaxing and drinking in the joy of Vice doing a gentle autofuck.

    hth.... rook