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Anal orgasm or Super O
  • So an amazing thing happened yesterday. I had ended up sleeping with the Eupho the last two nights after floating, smooth sessions (most of mine have been bit "forced" and I expected a lot. The last two I looked at as a massage that I had no control over. Later in the day of the last day I slept with the Eupho I put in the Paradice and relaxed a while. Was subtle but pleasant, took a tub with it in and afterward decided to get dressed with it in. About half hour later resting back in a chair on two legs, with feet up on a coffee table I started to get pulses in my rectum. It was sorta like the feeling of a trout on a fishing pole. Random and obvious. I fell into a moaning, eyes rolled in the back of my head, felt like the muscle reactions to orgasm without much pleasure. After a bit I went to kiss my wife, still "packin" but fully dressed. We started kissing and my body started going crazy with huge full body involuntaries and I had to tell her about the toy. She bit my hear and tweaked my nipple - went full on Grand Mal. She had to hold me up as I shook. It was rad!

     Now it gets crazy.

    She got all "full of beans" watching me likes this and drags me into the bathroom as she's undoing my pants. Huge shakes again when she takes me in her mouth. After a few, with my body still going nuts, it felt like something took complete control over me. I held myself up for quite a while with my full body off the ground, holding myself up with the counter behind me. The whole time humpping my hips with a speed I could no way do on my own. My wife was barely able to keep me in her mouth. The crazy thing was is I felt no building to an ejac. My anus was pulsing like crazy, my body on some ancient autopilot or something. But there was very minimal pleasure. More like a leg kicking after the hit on the kneecap effect. Reflex.

     A few questions for the Aneros Jedis:
     Will the pleasure build as I grow into this experience?
     Is this a Super-O or anal orgasm?

     I have a renewed sense of awe at this amazing body we live in!


     Laughing Hawk