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Can you experience mini-O's or even the Super-O with only the Kegels?
  • Hi guys,

    Recently I made a very important discovery that the Progasm models, even the Maximus, were made for the Kegel Exercises. I found that Kegeling has begun to enhance my Aneros sessions many fold as a result. But a few days ago, I also discovered that Kegeling along with my awakened prostate has produced waves of sublime pleasure even outside of my Aneros sessions.

    Now I am experiencing such pleasure that I believe that I am on the verge of something really awesome. Is it possible for a guy to experience mini-O's or even the Super-O outside of his Aneros sessions?

  • stumpystumpy
    Posts: 140
    Yes it is! Many posts about this, but it's definitely an obvious sign of awakening. Sometimes it scares people but there's nothing to be scared of. It will eventually pass, but it's not gone, it just sits in wait until you call upon it. Great time killer standing in line at the DMV!
  • stumpystumpy
    Posts: 140
    However I advise against a super-O at the DMV. LOL
  • Yes, you can certainly have dry orgasms without your Aneros toy inserted. I almost always start my Aneros sessions with 15 minutes or more of breathing, meditating and KSMO. During this warmup I almost always have very deep and enjoyable orgasms. Then I'll insert my toy, and the fun continues, and the orgasms are often even more powerful. I have thought, at times, that the Anerosless orgasms were a bit warmer, deeper and calmer; while the Aneros orgasms were more centered directly in my prostate and anus, and can be a bit sharper, spiky, screamers.

    But as soon as you analyze it, it changes. Thinking is the enemy. It pulls you away, makes you wonder if the stove is on, is the door locked, did an email come in. I choose a dark room and put on headphones, often listening to binaural beats from I-Doser.