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  • I am new and could use some help understanding something's I use the syn & progasm i feel like I'm having mini O's but not sure if it's just rewiring how can I tell the difference
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    If you feel like you're having mini-O's then you ARE.

    You may wish to see the definition of rewired in the Aneros WIKI Glossary. IMHO, 'reiwiring' is an ongoing process, not an event in and of itself, such as a mini-O. Your responses to Aneros use evolve over time with increased experience.

    The 'reiwiring' process is really about learning, your brain is literally 'reiwiring' itself, establishing new neural connections in response to the new sensual stimuli as you experience your "prostate awakening". Meanwhile, you are simultaneously also establishing new psychological relationships within your mind as you integrate these new feelings into your psyche.

    My advice to you is to just enjoy the experiences and DO NOT TRY TO ANALYSE THEM during your Anerosessions. This will only create unecessary mind noise, distracting your mental focus away from being the pleasure generator/observer. There will be plenty of time after a session to reflect upon what transpired, in reflection will come some understanding.
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  • Thanks I want so much info