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The Vice has become my new vice...
  • Well, I had started with the MXG over two years ago.  I never did much with it but a few times.  It was hard and uncomfortable to me.

    Then I got the Vice when it came out.  It was big and almost frightening.  I used it probably twice because of the size and it felt like nothing really happened with it.  I couldn't relax with something that big with the idea of it inside of me and the vibe was unsettling.

    I had used the Astroglide and then Valera (female lube) with the devices at times but they didn't work that well and irritated me internally.  I found a product from Siliquid called Sassy that is smooth, silky and lasts a long time.  It doesn't have anything in it to cause an allergic reaction, at least for me.

    I recently got the Syn.  What a difference the soft texture made.  I had pleasure for the first time, but not an orgasm unless I brought myself to it since the Syn would eventually just sit there still in me after a while.  My muscles had given out even if I really relaxed.

    I tried the Vice again.  It was massive feeling and after reading about how you had to just relax with all the versions of the Aneros, I decided to find a vibe setting and just lie there.  (I found a pulse setting that made it feel almost like thrusting somehow.)  I got a very pleasant surprise.  It seems the Syn had started my awakening but the Vice now took over.  I progressed a little and had more pleasurable experiences, series of dry O's that would take over my body causing me to tense and arch.

    I got another type of product from another company, the Duke, and tried it.  It was different, more filling, but the vibe gives out way to soon because it is rechargeable.  It made some pleasure but never drove me toward the Super-O.  So after that vibe died after a couple hours and needed a recharge, I switched to the Vice again.  Hours to recharge something is just endless waiting when your body is primed even a little.

    All those usual things continued to happen until last night after I inserted the Vice. It drove me over the edge into bliss with a series of mini-O's combined with the body shaking start of the Super-O.  I had never believed the body shaking and stuff.  I was and am always the skeptic about things even when shown to me.  I'm not anymore with the Aneros.  I couldn't calm my mind and just let it happen.  I would get on the very edge and then thoughts would race or I would tense myself to stop it.  I'm not sure what happened but I did have a pleasurable, brief, normal orgasm.  It wasn't over the top as described for some.  I lapsed into sleep with the Vice still in me and active, which I had never done before.  I can't say I slept well, but I am in a constant afterglow-like feelings and sensations from the experience this morning.  I don't usually dream that much and remember them anymore but something happened in my sleep, I was wet from the constant ebb from my penis from all the clear fluid.  

    (I don't get dry inside but seem to be making fluid to lubricate the device on my own.  It is disturbing since it sometimes comes out in a slight ebb when I remove the device.  It could just be the Sassy lube too.)

    Some state that the Perdise makes waves happen inside of you and it does.  The Vice with the vibe, makes them even stronger.  I only wish the vibe with the Vice had a lower setting since the vibe kind of makes you lose this sensation at times.  I wish the Aneros people made a vibe that had more settings with different ranges than even their current vibe does, even if it had to have an external battery pack and cord or if the entire device had to be bigger.  One thing I do love about the Vice, you can use it even without the vibe in it or turned on.  Another thing is that it has a AAA battery that last for over five hours on most settings.

    I used to have trouble keeping the Vice in but now it is like a hunger in my body for the device and that pleasure.  My body opens as the device touches me.  It pulls it into me with little force required.  Then the sensations start for me even before I turn on the vibe.

    The Vice is the silicon version of the Progasm in many ways.  It is soft but firm and velvety without the hardness of the plastic of the Progasm.  The Vice is now my fav in the line.  It has become my vice.

    I am one step closer now in the awakening of my body and mind.
  • I call my Vice my Vibe.  I have almost all models, but only use Vice when I want that fuller feeling of a cock up my ass with a nice man on the end of it.  Same was my experience with the other larger models like Progasm Ice and Maxi.  However, HelixSyn is my new fav, and almost only one I use now.  Would like to unload the rest of the armory I don't use.  Cost me too much to just throw away.