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Did I just actually have a successful session!?
  • So I have been playing with my aneros for about the past year or so. I have been trying to use my aneros (basic model) weekly for about 6 months, but then I bought the Progasm. For the past 9 months I have been using it once a week, or sometimes multiple times. 

    I got the occasional "good" session where I would feel sensations, and then other times where nothing would really happen at all.  Just this past week, I feel like I finally got somewhere, but I am not sure -- hopefully y'all can tell me. I started to use my basic model and I really started to feel stronger sensations/vibrations. I would try and make them last by breathing and trying to stay in the same position -- on my back with my legs spread somewhat. I tried that for 3 days with fairly successful sessions, but nothing amazing by any means.  However tonight, I was using my Prograsm and I was laying on my usual back position watching some porn to turn me on.  I usually just breath softly and squeeze in with my butt, but not too hard.  Tonight, I was taking advantage of my partner being gone for the night, so I squeezed a little harder while also squeezing in with my dick (I apologize for my poor description) I squeezed like I was trying to hold in a pee. 

    After holding that squeeze I felt my butt starting to vibrate more than usual and this lasted for about 5 mintues. I felt really good, but nothing orgasmic.  I then moved my position and moved my legs closer. I then had very strong vibratioins sensations from my butt prostate and it was pretty great. I was watching my dick just bounce around -- waiting for it to cum or some amaazing sensation to come forth, but nothing happened except the strong vibrations in my butt and the base of my dick. It felt good and this was by far the best session I have had. 

    What do you guys think? Am I heading somewhere good? Am I supposed to squeeze together  my butt like that? By doing that, I really had those strong sensations. 

    Any feedback would be great! 

    Thanks guys!  
  • Well I have been using the aneros for only  6months but every second night I have helix.
    I am no expert but from the sounds of it you have not progressed as far as I have. Just saying as its not a race....
    Why are you using the progasm instead of your mgx The smaller the device the more movement you get which in turn awakens the prostate to stimulation quicker. 
    My suggestion would be to put the progasm aside except for special occasions as it is harder to get moving.
    The trick is to pull in with your ass muscles slowly until your rectum starts to quiver which makes your PC muscle make your dick do the little jumping thing you spoke of. Heaps of practice is the key so the muscles get strong.
    One day you get to a point that after you do the above mentioned exercise a few times and then you just completely relax your muscles start to do their own thing. It feels like you are a bottle of water being shaken slowly end to end. Like little waves..... p-waves this feeling grows and you get more excited.
    After that as time goes by the feeling get more intence with practice. You will start getting thes p-waves without the aneros in and that Is where I am at the moment. Once you get to this point you are definitely having a good time.
    Keep at it more and more practice is the key.
    I have just gone from the helix to the eupho. a smaller device and last nigh session was awesome because of the extra movement.
    There is no point using other models than standard until you reach a point that you can get you muscles to control the device except for being curious of course 
  • I have found that Aneros devices need to have your full attention.  Watching porn spoils the whole Aneros adventure.  For me Porn gets me in the mood for Penile centred orgasm whereas Aneros is trying to deliver a prostate centred full body orgasm.

    My advice is go to bed, insert a device of your choice (it does not really matter which model).  Lay down relax clear your mind then focus on what is happening down below.  Don't try and make things happen, they will not.  Just wait it will come to you
  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    I echo the comments of braveneworld and calmer - good advice.  Congratulations on your progress aishiteru

    However, I don't know if I am reading too much into what you wrote in your original post, but you said "I was watching my dick just bounce around -- waiting for it to cum or some amaazing sensation to come forth, but nothing happened except the strong vibrations in my butt and the base of my dick".

    In my limited experience so far, " waiting" for something to happen, is akin to expectation, which as has been said elsewhere, is a killer of progress. As you stated yourself  - "nothing happened".  The best additional advice I would give is to remove the expectation from your sessions.  It has also been said elsewhere that we need to live in the moment, rather than thinking about what might come next.  This is easier said than done, and I have wondered whether this is one of the major lessons we have to learn in the journey we are on, together with relaxation and rewiring.

    All the best to you and other contributors to this thread


  • Thanks guys for all your great advice! I have taken your advice and applied them to my previous sessions. I find that if I have no porn (or at least porn sounds) my body will just shut down, but I bet that is just my body trying to adjust from going from porn to no porn right away. So now I just turn on something erotica related and just put it to the side of the bed and close my eyes -- it keeps my body in the mood. 

    Also, I have started to live in the moment as Linum stated. It does become a better experience. Still nothing wonderful and mind blowing, but it is getting better. 

    Does it really matter if I use my Progasm vs. MGX? I find that my MGX provides more movement in the beginning and then slowly dies down as my session progresses...about 40 to 50 minutes later. My Prograsm is very strong in the beginning with great feelings (not tons of movement) but something good is going on down there and makes my dick very hard and makes it pulse a lot. It too dies down, but I have more sessions where it lasts the whole session with great sensations. Any information on that? 
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    I have a helix and eupho and they feed of each other! When my body slows down or gets sore I swap them and on I go!
    I found myself thinking this morning wishing that I had two butt holes so I could ride them both at the same time.
    Have you tried The aneros challange. 
    You can listen to it without having to concentrate on it..
    Sexual sounds and rhythmic beats.
    I have to say it blows my mind and even a dud session can be turned into a alright or good session most of the time.

    In saying that they feed of each other I am currently in some sort of feed back orgie loop.
    I have almost unlimited spare time due to injury. 

    Its been going on for almost a week now.

    Sorry (I have decided to post a new discussion about what what I was going to say)