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It's been a VERY long time and not much progress...
  • I bought a helix around 3 years ago, and 3 months ago I got a progasm. I still have not reached a true orgasm, let alone a super-o. I've been playing probably once every 1-2 weeks... sometimes much more frequently, and there were a few periods where I didn't really play. 

    I always relax, shower, breathe, enjoy. But I'm really hoping to experience more pleasure as I keep practicing. I've never... EXPLODED, like I read all the time (though I know pleasure can come in many forms and intensities) but I definitely know and feel pleasure. I've had sessions where I start shaking pretty violently from the pleasure, but I was not overwhelmed. There was a comfortable pleasure-buzz. I always have good feelings and p-waves. I love the contractions that make your sphincter feel like a bright pleasure bomb. But none of these feelings push me over the edge, I always feel like I'm climbing an endless mountain.

    It's been 3 years, what am I doing wrong? :(
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    hi zgalou1993,

    First, congratulations on your feelings, your pleasure and your p-waves.   That points to the fact that you have awakened your prostate  and your brain is associating its stimulation with your pleasure centers.

    Wrong?   Nothing and please dissociate that description from your sessions.   I spent many months, "climbing that endless mountain" then found that relaxing and allowing the pleasure to wash over my body and mind worked well. 

    Proactively,  gently expand your pleasure horizons by finding simultaneous pleasure from remote spots like nipples, eyebrows, your sucking reflex, the hair on your nuts... etc.   Cheers bro and blessings... rook
  • Thank you haha. That washing over feeling is what I've been thinking I might need to start doing. Often times I'm really TRYING to get it.

    Intetresting! eyebrows, sucking, hair... I didn't know those were that sensitive. I knew nipples were sensitive... I never really play with those parts but I will now.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    In answer to your question "what am I doing wrong?" the quick answer is simply, NOTHING!

    It seems to me you are doing almost everything right, except that you might be placing expectations on the outcomes of your sessions.

    Just keep practising and you will almost certainly be in for a wonderful surprise when you least expect it.

    Enjoy what you are doing just for the hell of it!

    Good luck! 
  • Well, you basically told my story from start to finish. Fortunately my sessions have become so good that I really don't worry about the super-O that much. I've also stopped looking for this secret technique that will blow you through the ceiling because most of my progress has come more or less automatically without doing things differently at all.
    I'm hoping to get there sooner by just patiently waiting for it (which is easy once you can fully enjoy your sessions). It's like waiting for a delayed bus. You can rage and run around in circles but will this make him come faster? - no!
  • Hmm... that is a very good metaphor, grayfox. Haha. I think i gotta work on my patience and just let it do its thing. Thanks guys.
  • Try switching up things and experimenting a bit more, if you can. It sounds like you've plateaued in terms of progress. 

    Most of my big jumps have occurred outside of sessions where I'll experiment with sphincter contractions, abdomen contractions, breathing and shaking control. Keep in mind that sometimes p-waves will kick in when you're not doing something. (Not contracting whatsoever, breathing deeply etc)

    Also abstaining from sex and ejaculating can help (3+ weeks without a doubt does).
  • I am new at anal pleasure and anal self pleasuring. I would like to know what I would need to do to eventually start to appreciate all of the benefits of anal pleasuring.  I have had and used anal toys off and on for more than one year and the best way that I can describe my experience is different.  I just found out that I was doing everything wrong.  This is not just sticking a toy in the anus and masturbating to a climax but it, in fact, involves doing exercises as well as mental, physical, and emotional development.  Having said that, what do I need to do and how would I know that I am making progress?
  • @cannonball There is no quick path. From what you have written it seems as if you have not read anything on this forum.
    Read and read lots, The more you read the easier the journey is. read all the top posts and read the aneros wiki.
    Try stuff out as you go. It will be worth all the reading in the end.
    It will take time and commitment to reach your goal.
    I am not even halfway there but the ride is becoming awesome! 
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    I concur with 'rook', 'Pommie', 'DarkEngine' & 'grayfox'. I would also like to add to 'grayfox's metaphor "It's like waiting for a delayed bus. You can rage and run around in circles but will this make him come faster? - no!" and if you continue to fume when the bus (a Super-O) does arrive, do you fail to get on board because it wasn't the size or color you were expecting?

    I hope you don't miss your ride because you were ignoring the small details while looking for some effect which may never happen for you. The Super-O comes in many flavors, colors and textures and it is NOT the same for everyone. Enjoy the ride you DO have, I can almost guarantee it will change over time, evolving into richer experiences as long as you are willing to let it happen and not trying to direct it with a controlling attitude.

    I sent you an introductory PM with some additional hints and tips to get you started here. I know there seems like a lot of information to sift through here but it is worth the effort to do so. It will make your learning journey easier.

    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • tallguytallguy
    Posts: 61

    I am at the same bus stop as you and grayfox. I have lost count of the time passed (it's a few years) and have decided just to settle in for the wait. I'm sometimes frustrated when I read of the successes of others here, which is why largely I've avoided this forum for long stretches at a time. I come back here occasionally for a little encouragement or some specific advice. 

    The more time that passes, the lower my expectations, and the less frequent my use of the Aneros. Together, these have the effect of making my sessions more meaningful to me, and the anticipation of that next p-wave all the more exciting. The flip side of that, is that I've gotten a little "lazy" in terms of my attention to techniques such as number and timing of contractions, breathing, focus on PC vs anal action, etc etc etc. I'm pretty much to the point where I am disregarding much of that. Also, it can get a little maddening following specific advice on here. For instance, many people have said "the" path to the Super O is to focus on rectal sensations, literally "the back door" to a different type of orgasm. Focus on the sensation of the Aneros at work there, they advocate. More recently, a number of people have sworn on a stack of bibles that in fact it's a focus on prostatic sensations and the base of the bladder that are the key to unlocking more of an "interior door."

    My point being, you may reach a point where you need to ignore all the advice and just try to let your mind go blank as you "not-too-consciously" try a number of different things, and quite literally go with the flow.

    As long as you are getting enjoyment from your sessions and are learning about yourself, the journey is worth pursuing, isn't it (rhetorical question).

    Enjoy knowing you're among many who are finding their way at a similar pace, and nonetheless enjoying the "whoops of joy" as others get there sooner.
  • The Paradice is what put me over finally after 5 years of VERY sporadic and unfocused use. I've been more focused and dedicated the last 2 1/2 months, going bigger. Helix then Progasm. But it was the smallest begginer Peridice that put me over. Truly less is more. Can't wait to try the really small Advanced one. The instability is off the charts and God is it awesome!

    And thinking of it as a massage outside of myself. (my mental image of Miss Aneros is a sexy winged devil, having a tail that I imagine is making the sensations I feel from the Aneros)

    Laughing Hawk