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Aneros session, August 23, 2012, early a.m.
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915

    Hi guys,

    This morning just after midnight I finally got down to having a session with my Aneros Helix Syn. I wanted to replicate and test what I experienced in my previous session which I had last Friday night but also I wanted to be open to whatever new experiences both the Aneros and my prostate might present me.

    The head honchos at along with experienced Aneros users advise several things for "priming the pump" for a good Aneros session: (1) sexual arousal which comes through masturbation which can be fueled by various media of erotica and pornography, (2) at least an hour or so of masturbation with edging, coupled with cum denial (ejaculatory control, as I like to describe it, which is the essence of edging), and (3) timing the sessions at least once every other day. I add another element for "priming this pump": Meditation and reflection upon your male sexual apparatus with the prostate being the center of this apparatus. Masturbation with edging puts us in touch with not only our bodies, but certainly directly with our genitals.

    So I spent much of Sunday off and on masturbating and edging, but also multitasking throughout the day visiting various web sites that would fuel my bate and get me ready for the Aneros! Along the way I encountered macer8's Xtube gay fucking vids which turned me on hugely. macer8 is a super hot guy from the Deep South  who is six years younger than me. He swings both ways and has been a master in the art of fucking from when he was fairly young. We have been exchanging e-mails on gay sex for several weeks now. If all goes well, he wants to look me up here in DC next spring to get to know me better and perhaps fuck me! :-) Gay anal intercourse is perhaps peripheral to this blog, but I do believe that it relates directly to the Aneros. macer8 wants me to educate my "asscunt" and prepare it for him. So later today I hope to purchase on Amazon two Silk dildos one in medium and one in large along with a brand of lube he has recommended. 

    An important question about dildos have been much on my mind as a result of discussions that macer8 and I have had on their purpose and benefits for the guy is preparing himself for anal intercourse. The question: Does using or wearing a dildo or a buttplug cancel out the beneficial effects of an Aneros session?

    Anyway I was mesmerized and transfixed very much by macer8's Xtube videos and their raw sex intermixed with moments of tender lovemaking. About 11 p.m. Sunday evening, I began to bate seriously while viewing his vids. It didn't take me long to reach the threshold of ejaculatory inevitability. It was too much! First I ejaculated a very small amount of semen. That in itself helped me "cool down" somewhat my sexual ardor. But a few minutes later I was back at it again in a serious bate. I just could not get macer8 out of my mind! Before I knew it, I was at the edge on sexual pleasure which suffused not only my testicles and penis, but also my prostate! This time I ejaculated a huge wad of thick and creamy semen! Well it all felt so good, I had violated one of the cardinal rules for having a good Aneros session.

    Now I certainly cooled down. My horniness and sexual arousal cooled off significantly. Around midnight I called a gay good buddy with whom I hadn't chatted in several weeks. We ended our telephone conversation around 12:30 a.m.. While my sexual arousal may have cooled off  from my masturbation with ejaculation about an hour previously, I still felt horny and primed for the Aneros! A few minutes later, I began my session on my futon. As in previous entries of this blog, I laid down on my back with my head on my pillows and my butt on a pillow covered with a towel. My legs were splayed apart in the erect position.

    I began with a few gentle Kegels, but also with deep rhythmic breathing which inducted me into the actual session. My deep rhythmic breathing again caused the Aneros to move back and forth over my prostate, massaging it over and over again, even fucking it! At least that is what I pictured in my mind. The massaging action began to feel good. Then I moved my legs ever so slightly and that caused the P-waves to begin. This time they were gentle. Next I began to focus my attention upon the P-waves themselves, all the while continuing the rhythmic breathing. I felt that I was entering these waves, very much a swimmer plunging into the surf crashing on a beach at the ocean! I wanted to go with the flow! The P-waves led me both to the Aneros and my prostate. My prostate once again began to swell, harden, even become erect like a penis! That in itself intensified my P-waves and it was reflected in the spasms and thrashings in my thighs and legs. I just went with the flow! All this in innumerable cycles went on for a good 60 minutes, perhaps 90 minutes, even two hours! It feel all so good! I just last track of time! While all this was happening, a few guys that I want to "make it with" came to mind, with macer8 at the top of the list. Saying their names fueled and intensified my session. Also saying, "Oh yeah!", "Oh God yeah!" fervently yet meditatively as incantations also added fuel to the fire in my loins. And while all this was happening, the Aneros and my prostate were working together, making love to each other, without me doing hardly a thing! I just went with the flow!

    Again the Aneros was making love to my prostate by massaging it. It was fucking it and yes even drilling my butt and my prostate. But fortunately this time there was not the discomfort boarding upon pain that I suffered in last Friday night's session. I just do not want to have any of this end in all the world!

    P.S. no.1. Last night I met and befriended an Aneros user who lives in Hawaii. He complimented me for my blogs on this subject. He found my meditation practice while using the Aneros very appealing and wants to try it itself.

    P.S. no. 2. Again I want to thank Linghaman for encouraging me to use deep rhythmic breathing in my Aneros sessions. Linghaman has written much in his blog on his use of the Aneros. He also has the handle of "bigguy" on I would consider Linghaman a truly advanced Aneros user and a great inspiration to me!

    P.S. no. 3. Here is my blog on my Aneros use on Google, AnerosUserInDC. Hope the hyperlink to my blog works! I will post all my blogs on the Aneros on Google Blogger, and notable ones here and other web sites. I truly hope that Aneros management staff will bring the blogs section so that I can post all my Aneros blog entries there!

  • Very interesting thread title since it was only July 23, and is only July 28 now.  Cudn't resist that.  Do want to say tho Thom that i enjoy reading of yur aneros escapades, altho maybe long ones like this fit better in blogs.  i'm not sure everyone reads long posts.  however want to remark that such vivid descriptions act as porn for me, and i thank u, BigGlans, butt i am still waiting to see it.
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    Hi Paul,

    Thank you for your compliments. I understand your concern about such long entries that would fit better in a blog. Unfortunately when went through a site redesign several weeks ago, the blogs section went away. It would be wonderful if the blogs sections were restored so my Aneros accounts could be posted there. In the meantime, please see my blog on my Aneros sessions on Google at AnerosUserInWashDC.

    As for the prose in my Aneros sessions being pornographic or erotic, that is for the reader for decide. I write in such detailed fashion to describe as accurately as possible what I am experiencing in my Aneros sessions.

    I end with this one important concern: Please bring back the blogs section at! Thanks!

  • BigGlans (really? prove it.  I hope u realize that i am (sorta) kidding!  I was intending to indicate that it is porn for me, not your intention, but plz don't stop.  I will read your blog site con mucho gusto.