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MMO and my Sexual Journey
  • LinghamanLinghaman
    Posts: 231
    My sexual journey has been really interesting to say the least. Looking back over my blog it seems like Aneros and MMO have dominated the dialogue. Indeed the wonderful skills I have learned here are a huge part of my sex life. I do prostate orgasm 3 times as much as I have sex with my wife. Those mmo's are incredible. I owe it all to finding this site years ago. But there is more to my sexuality than mmos regardless how euphoric they are.

    The last MMO I had was truly amazing, it is chronicled in my 113th blog post. Before I had the MMO that inspired the 113th entry, I was working on a description of a particularly sexy evening of cunnilingus last week. I finished the MMO entry in an hour the other morning and wrapped the cunnilingus entry up last night when I was supposed to be writing for work. OOps!!!!

    I note this last entry here just to remind us that the intense pleasure of prostate orgasm can make us greedy.

    This 114th entry is a very meaningful one for me as it describes something I love to do ... give J pleasure.

  • LinghamanLinghaman
    Posts: 231

    Well...its a pleasure to be back.  During the time the Aneros Site was down and after it came back I have been busy writing in Linghamans Log.  I am now over one hundred and fifty posts.  Many of the more recent posts have to do with my mmo and prostate orgasm experiences.  

    Its very erotic readfing and you may find it helpful in expanding your own experience.    

  • cj187cj187
    Posts: 68
    Wow I got some reading to do
  • Welcome back Linghaman!  It seems some catching up to do is in order indeed. :)  I've always enjoyed your blog and look forward to seeing what new adventures you've been having now. Thanks for posting an update for us.
  • Just posted a steamy hot narrative about a session last night.  Check out Linghamans Log on Word Press.




  • Thanks for the reminder about your blog on Wordpress. I always enjoy reading your stories and thoughts, and getting some new ideas!