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Woke up from sleep
  • It was a busy week for me and I did not get the chance to have an aneros session and even masturbate. Last night, before I went to bed I decided to release the tension by having a quick masturbation. I fall sleep shortly after a traditional ejaculation. I did not even touch my aneros for a week!!!

    Suddenly, I woke up in in the middle of the sleep and found myself are shaking with full body involuntary contraction. I quickly forced it to stop and fall sleep again. I was too tired and do not had time to really think about what is going on. Yet again shortly after I fall sleep, I woke up again with the same condition. I could fell there was some kind of distracting sensation around my prostate and my penis was soft and not even half erected.

    I tried to sleep again but the same things happen again and again. I totally have no control over to stop it. I really need to rest but seems like my body did not allow me. Finally, I jack myself off for the second time hoping to release the tension. After that, it happened for few more time and then my body let me to continue sleeping….

    I remember there is a similar post in the forum but I could not find it in the forum. Also, I believe I have not yet achieved any dry-o, mini-o or super-o before, only strong full body involuntarily contraction so far. Anyone experienced the same before?
  • KevKev
    Posts: 87
    Yeah, it's normal! Sometimes quite annoying if you really want to sleep but your body won't let you..

  • stumpystumpy
    Posts: 140
    Alex...During the awakening part this is normal. However it only seems to last a week or 2 for most. then you're able to control it better. Hang in there. It's definitely not the worst thing that could happen.
  • LinghamanLinghaman
    Posts: 231
    What you are describing is how i learned to have anerosless orgasms. I learned how to guide the sensations you are describing into extended MMO sessions. My best time to launch is 3-5 am but i can now do it any time. I will sail for 2 hours easily. Once I had it figured out from those early morning starts i figured out how to do them at almost any time. Don't fight them ...learn from them. You can read about my MMO erxperience on my most recent post describes the process i use to launch.

    Linghaman - Bigguy