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Unintended self milking with Aneros
  • sethseth
    Posts: 8
    I posted about my undeliberate self milking experiences with Aneros before.

    What initially seemed like isolated freak accidents, now appears to be a constant response of all my Aneros sessions, irregardless of position or Aneros toy used (Eupho, Helix, Vice with or without Muze switched on).

    To me this is really surprising considering rumel's expert opinion on this in 2009:

    Self “milking” with the Aneros via ‘hands free’ manipulation is difficult as one usually needs to be very relaxed for the ejaculatory ducts to open and allow the fluids to flow out of the prostate. The stronger, more vigorous, muscular contractions needed to effectively move the massager create a level of tension which is antithetical to the relaxation of the gland ducts. It is possible to train the various muscle groups to simultaneously relax and contract to accomplish a “milking” but it will take practice. It is unnecessary to employ strong muscle contractions with your Aneros use as a “massager” to generate orgasmic feelings, hence you can employ it for many hours without triggering a “milking” response.

    It's kinda weird that I get to this advanced milking "level" before achieving my first Super-Os...

    Recently, I had Aneros sessions three days in a row, each time about 2 - 3 hours. Each time I was leaking massive amounts of seminal vesicle fluids. The last time I made an attempt to measure the amount of fluids I was leaking. The scooped up fluids from my latex bedding, after I had already drained dozens of tissues and a mid-sized towel, was 200 ml or about 7 oz! Had I not soaked a towel and tissues before, I could have easily scooped up about 300 ml or 10 oz!

    Still there seemed to be no end of it. I didn't stop because I felt I couldn't drain anymore, I stopped because I was positively exhausted.

    I'd like to challenge the wiki entry on prostate milking:

    accordingly once thoroughly milked, a male may be incapable of achieving an ejaculatory orgasm regardless of the degree of stimulation, for some time after.

    The feeling of being milked is strange and exhilarating at the same time. I do now understand why watching porn is beneficial to milking: Like clockwork when I saw a scene which was highly arousing to me, I could kinda feel my seminal vesicles flooding again which were seconds later again expelled when the Aneros rubbed against the relevant glands.

    Would I not wear boxer shorts during longer Aneros sessions, they would not last long enough to produce this kind of spillage either. Involuntary contractions would otherwise very quickly expel the Aneros massager after being sufficiently aroused to get them started.

    Judging by the amount of fluids expelled and it's properties (yellowish cast, murky / opaque, slightly sticky, liquid not really viscuous, neutral maybe sweet taste) I'm pretty confident most of the expelled fluids are in fact seminal vesicle fluids (major component of semen), maybe some prostatic fluids, probably no or very little pre-cum (cowper's gland), obviously no full-fledged cum. I never did ejaculate during these sessions nor did I have any refractory periods to go through.

    Clearly, a human male does not store that much seminal fluids at any point in time. During my sessions I must constantly and repeatedly reproduce these fluids within seconds with the glands being drained over and over again.

    Before venturing in my next Aneros session, I have now ordered a silicone urinal condom and leg / bed collection bag connected via one-way-valve hose to properly capture these seminal fluids in the future, then hopefully mess-free without soaking myself in them...

    I'm now wondering: Is this normal? Does this happen to anyone else? I have never read this being a milestone I'm supposed to arrive at. Any tips on how to prevent this massive spillage? Should I? Is this healthy? Am I still on the right track? While really messy (hence the ordered medical equipment), milking certainly feels really good and I'll rather handle this mess than stop creating it.
  • All I have to say is WOW. As a man who finds penile emissions (precum, semen, and urine) to be incredibly sensual and sexy, I want to learn more! Is there really nobody else who has had this result from aneros before?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    Member 'seth's reported emissions fall far outside the range of normal. 2-5ml is the average volume of a mans ejaculate."The volume of semen ejaculate varies. A review of 30 studies concluded that the average was around 3.4 milliliters (ml), with some studies finding amounts as high as 4.99 ml or as low as 2.3 ml." Of that, only 50%-75% is from the seminal vesicles. Making allowances for exceptional individuals and maximizing techniques, quadrupling that maximum average might be possible, even so, that would lead to a potential ejaculate volume of 20ml (4x5ml). I suspect there are other significant factors involved to reach the reported 200ml-300ml emissions level, but in any case this is rare and atypical of a man's normal emissive potential.