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2 tips that helped me
  • OK, here's the lowdown. In my last blog, shared that there was more lurking somewhere, that I could do. I was getting clues on my last session (last blog). I took time to reflect on this and got some guidelines established. I want to reiterate first: I'm a somewhat experienced user. I know what are mini-Os, super Os, etc. But still, felt there was something I'm not getting. I could stand some improvement. So, back to the guidelines.
    1. As per Aneros instructions: back-off, or relax to say, 40% of a contraction. For me this meant not to just let the aneros "do it's thing", strong contraction or not. No, keep it at a low threshold contraction, constantly.
    2. Do NOT touch your penis. (Of course I know that, we all know it, but invariably I will sneak a touch to see if it's leaking yet, etc) Not means not. This seems to build a "non-importance" of the penie mindset, thereby shifting your focus to the prostate.

    This, for me, gives rise to acute bliss, using my SGX. Very sublime sweet super Os, continuing on and on. Better than usual