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New japanese vibrating aneros similar product
  • Anyone use a vibrating similar aneros product? how does it feel? It seems that japanese have invented a new product. Anyone used it before/?

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  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Interesting that the inventors (or copiers) choose to put those small nibs on the tip of the head. Same idea that HIH used for the ProState PS-New, aka Aneros Classic.

    Luv those nibs! :) ...rook
  • GeogioGeogio
    Posts: 107
    $595.00!!! Wow, aneros ought to leverage the Japanese market at those prices. Yen uses a different symbol
  • NeuroNeuro
    Posts: 42
    looks painful to me
  • That product isn't really new. I have seen it countless times and I just look past it. Those vibrating products don't seem to do anything. also from the looks of it it's made from cheaper plastic. I have a product with a similar shine also Japanese made. In fact I tend to get one or more prostate massagers every payday. By this point I probably have more than anyone on this site. I'm not really sure which country's has more prostate massagers, but I have a lot from the Japanese site. and the ones I brought with me from the States. Mainly the aneros products.

    That price is awful!! You could probably get it for much less on TRY IT.

    Wow, so I just looked at the Japanese website and I did find that same model for 7, 235 yen. But as I was looking I found some other products the Japanese company of Aneros ( I think ( enemagura) just came out with a new model. it's a shark (not dolphin) a bit expensive though ( I might get it)

    also the reviews for that vibrating massagers has some bad reviews, bleeding was mentioned.
  • Those teeth on that thing look like it would saw your prostate in half.