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  • Oh my, where to start...
    First, some background. I had always been into anal play and stimulation. About two years ago, I was playing around on the internet and read something a guy wrote all about how wonderful this "aneros" thing was. After doing some research and reading everything on this site, I took the plunge and ordered an MGX. I was totally skeptical after reading about Super-O's and P-Waves and all of this stuff about mindblowing orgasms. But, like I said, I do enjoy some anal play and stimulation, so I figure at the very least, I will have some fun wth a new toy and if I don't experience any super-o's, it is what it is.

    Well, when I first got my MGX, it was fun. I enjoyed the stimulation and exploring. I did not have any super-o's or any kind of extreme orgasms. I did have a relaxing time and enjoyed myself. Mostly I would just play around enjoying the different sensations and then finish with a really ejaculation from a good old fashioned penile orgasm. I always tried to relax and enjoy it and let the MGX take over, but I don't think I was ever able to really let go and truly appreciate the sensations.

    After the first month or two, my aneros kind of fell of my radar. I would give it an occasional use just to spice up a masturbation session. Due to other life committments, my "me" time is limited and the occasional use ended up being three or four times in the past year. It was relaxing and it felt good when I got the chance to use it, but no super-o's or anything out of the ordinary. I liked playing and contracting my anal muscles at different strengths and speeds trying to make progress towards a super-o. The exploring and trying different stuff was a fun turn-on. Even still, I always ended up jacking off - which always felt great, but it was kind of a let down compared to what I read about.

    Well, that all changed yesterday. Holy Crap, did it ever change! I actually had about three hours of "me" time with the house to myself. I hadn't had any kind of sexual activity (with the wife or masturbating) in a few days, and I definitely had some sexual tension built up. I had been thinking about using the aneros for a couple of days and was pretty excited to get started.

    After getting cleaned up, I lubed up and inserted my MGX. I brought my laptop into bed with me and watched some porn while my body acclimated to the aneros. I started out on my left side watching the porn. After awhile, I turned off the porn and rolled on to my stomach. After a few minutes I rolled onto my right side. Still nothing spectacular or anything out of the ordinary.

    After being on my right side, I rolled onto my back and put my hands behind my head. I just laid there and decided to do my best to concentrate on my breathing to completely relax and zone out. As I was laying there I was really spacing out and relaxed. Over time, I began to notice that I had a pretty strong feeling like I may have to urinate, but I had that happen before, so I chalked it up to the prostate stimulation. The urge to touch my penis and jack off also began to grow, but I managed to hold out and just relax and enjoy what I was doing.

    Probably about two hours from when I started, I was still on my back, just kind of zoning out. All of a sudden something just hit. It was like "what was that?!?!". I had felt similar sensations before, but this one was stronger and really got my attention. When I was zoning out and not paying attention it was like a switch flipped and a wave of tingly pleasure just swept throught my body. I thought holy crap, that was different, I think it might be happening!!!! I have been using this thing for well over a year and that was the most intense sensation I have felt - I am finally getting somewhere!!!!

    I focused on trying to relax and it happened again, only even better. At this point I am trying to concentrate on relaxing my body and my breathing. My heart was absolutely pounding and my breathing was very hard to control - I was struggling to take a deep breath or even breath at all when the waves were hitting their peak. It was wave after wave of ecstasy that was unlike anything I have ever felt before.

    I was frightened at the way my heart was pounding and the intense feelings I was experiencing. I still have trouble believing that my body was capable of producing these feelings. I was almost in disbelief as these waves of excruciating pleasure just washed over my body. I probably experienced 8-10 of these intense waves before I lost my concentration and slowly went back to feeling normal. I tried a few more times to relax, but my time was running out and I ended up cleaning up and putting everything away. I did notice that as the anticipation begins to build, my heart just starts to race like it is going to jump out of my chest. That is the single biggest indicator for me that something was happening.

    Throughout the rest of the day, I couldn't stop thinking about the way I felt and what happened. It was amazing. A few times throughout the day, I was actually able to relax and think about the way it felt and I began to fell waves of warmth and tingliness start at my prostate and flow through my body.

    After what I experienced yesterday, I had to try again today. I only had about an hour and a half and I don't think I was able to relax like I did yesterday since I was worried about missing an appointment. In the hour and a half though, I definitely was able to have a couple of smaller orgasms that were not as good as yesterday, but better than what I felt ever before yesterday.

    It feels like there is more of a mental connection now to my prostate. I would say that the sensations were always there. It was just the ability to recognize them and concentrate on them. Once I am able to do that, as long as I stay relaxed and maintain my concentration on what I am feeling, the pleasure just skyrockets.

    As a previous skeptic who thought this would just be a fun toy, this thing is absolutely for real, the super-0, dry-o, or whatever the heck you want to call it does happen and it is AMAZING. Try to relax and just enjoy what you are feeling. The sensations are there, you just have to recognize them. I can't wait for my next chance for an extended aneros session so I can feel like that again and even push myself further into ecstasy.