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New Vice - First Session

  • My new Vice arrived in the mail today.

    First off let me say that an incredible amount of thought went into the design of the Vice. IMO it is the most stunning prostate massager I've seen to date, visually. The incredibly small diameter of the internal (removable) vibrator is equally impressive. There's a lot of power and versatility available in this little beauty.

    Size: Just right for me (5' 10" 185 lbs.) and just a bit smaller in length and thickness than my Progasm.

    Tabs: I found the posterior tab to be a bit distracting as it kept pressing on my tailbone, and it gave much more pressure than the anterior (perineal) tab.

    Feel: Perfect, wonderful, sensual material, much preferred to the hard plastic of my other models (I have the Progasm, previously noted and the MGX).

    Battery: Works great w/ a rechargeable, though the enclosed copper top DURACELL is greatly appreciated. 1st 1 hour session used a rechargeable battery (NiMH 1.2 v) on the max setting of each of the 3 different vibration patterns for the most part of the session.

    Vibrator: As noted, an incredible piece of engineering and design. Smooth aluminum, highly engineered cap w/ a rubber gasket built in to keep fluids out of the internal components.

    I've read previous threads where members complained about the intensity of the vibrations being too strong. I believe Aneros redesigned the vibrator to where it now has 3 intensity settings for each of the 3 vibration patterns. I just finished my first session and IMO the maximum setting of each pattern was just right to finish with. I increased the settings from lowest to highest as my session progressed. I wonder though if I was doing something wrong because with the press of the setting/power button, rather than switching from one intensity to the next in one pattern, it switched from one pattern to the next with the same vibration intensity and then throttled down to the next lower vibration intensity setting as it went through the three different patterns, and so on until it reached the last. Another press of the button returns to the max setting as it then cycles through again. It would seem to me that it would be better to cycle through each pattern's intensity settings before changing to a different pattern.

    My session: experimented with different positions and found each had its benefits, on back w/ legs extended straight to bottom of bed, on back w/ heels drawn up to butt with knees together or apart to different degrees, lying on right and left sides w/ legs in various positions kneeling & sitting on feet, kneeling with butt in air resting on forearms, and lying flat on my belly. For each of these positions, I began w/o the vibrator in the device then repeated them all with the vibrator in and turned on.

    Finished off on my back, heels drawn up, knees apart about 45 degrees resting on a pillow to each side of me alternating between mild kegels, strong kegels, both w/ and w/o mild and strong anus contractions both w/ and w/o deep breathing.

    Had several mini O's, one moderate O w/ a few spasms of legs, and then I relaxed and let the Aneros do the rest until I got good and hard and finished off w/ very little stimulation of my penis to a great, hot (as in all over warmth of body), wet orgasm w/ very warm sensations traveling up my penis.

    Post session: I'm about as mellow as I've ever been, or as some would refer to it, I'm in the "afterglow."

  • My second session the following day went much the same as the first.

    The following is an accounting of my third session, earlier today:

    While in the chat room, I was in discussion w/ several members and we began discussing the Vice. Since I was sitting at my computer, I decided to give the Vice a try, minus the vibrator, while seated to determine its comfort level. While prepping myself, I warmed the Vice in the sink filled with hot water. After prepping myself w/ an rectal douche, I lubed the device w/ a generic gel lubricant and applied a liberal amount to my anus. I squatted and inserted the device slowly over the course of about 2 minutes. While inserting, I gently advanced and withdrew the device, slowly gaining more ground with each insertion until it was drawn in past the second bump.

    I was immediately aware of the pleasant sense of fullness in my rectum and the pressure (fullness) the device exerted against my anus. At the same time, I immediately sensed pressure on my prostate, more so than with either my MGX or Progasm to date. Even though I warmed the Vice it was perceptibly cool so I waited about 5 minutes for it to reach body temperature. After it warmed up, I intermittently began gentle kegels and anus contractions, but I was more interested in the effect sitting would have on the experience. I found that gently rocking back and forth produced wonderful prostate and anal stimulation simultaneously so I focused on the sensations. I wasn't so much interested in an O of any kind. I was just experimenting.

    After an hour, I made lunch with the Vice in place and enjoyed the sensations it created while I moved around the kitchen and with walking. After lunch, still with the Vice in place, I went to the bedroom and got into bed on my back. I inserted the vibrator and set in on the low intermittent, pulsing setting and began w/ kegels and anal contractions. I then turned on to my belly and turned the vibrator up to the middle intensity setting (pulsing) and began to thrust against the sheets. This provided me with much greater movement of the Vice in and out of my anus, and the vibrations against my prostate intensified. After about 5 minutes, I returned to my back with my knees raised but apart resting on a pillow on each side.

    I changed the vibrator to the ramping up mode on the highest setting and alternated anal contractions with complete rest, allowing the Vice to do some of the work.

    And it worked!

    After about 3 minutes, I began to get warm over my entire body with tingling beginning in the base of my penis then the tingling moved through to the glans and my ass started to pucker, forcing the Vice in and out. Interestingly, there was very little quivering or shaking of my legs which is what has happened in the past.

    I could feel an orgasm building and after about 15 seconds it began in waves and lasted about 45 seconds. I don't ooze precum much, but what came out in more than a few ejections was clear the viscous, not white like semen. I lay there for about 5 minutes and let the afterglow wash over me before I got up and took a shower.

    I'm 2 hours out from this session and I'm still feeling the afterglow.