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Getting intense, then nothing?
  • JRS7JRS7
    Posts: 23
    Newbie here, using the Progasm for several weeks. Have been feeling more and more each time I use it, but after one pretty intense sessions, it seems like I'm not feeling anything anymore.

    Better Explanation:

    Had a session last Sunday that was the best I've seen so far. Everything was pretty intense down below, throbbing, a few involuntary contractions. Had what I would call an 'almost orgasm', heart was thumping so hard at one point it actually spooked me a bit, intense waves were washing over me. Lasted less than a minute, but was very encouraging.

    I was very excited for my next session, as things have been progressing nicely for several weeks. But then I have have 2 more sessions since, and it's suddenly almost like I don't even have the thing inserted! Now I'm not even getting very many of the muscle spasms in my legs, that I had been assuming I get when the Progasm makes good contact with my Prostate. I know it's in and pretty much has to be making contact, anyone else experienced this? Why would my body be 'rewiring' and making progress, then suddenly seem like it can't even hardly feel the thing?
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    Sorry for the fact that I will appear to be the bearer of bad news! I believe that what has happened to you is entirely normal. It happened to me and I went through a phase of at least a couple of months during which I was convinced it was possible to become "unwired".

    The good news is that, eventually, you will proceed beyond that phase. The truth is that you are not yet rewired and you still have a way to go before you are. The cure is simply to continue with your sessions in the firm understanding that each session is taking you further along your journey. Maybe sooner, maybe later, but be assured, at some point your body will reward you with more consistent responses and you will then more reliably receive orgasms with almost every session.

    I have now been on this journey for about eighteen months, and not even I can expect an orgasm on every single session. Sometimes a session will be a complete dud for no apparent reason, but at least my body is still receiving the benefits of continued exposure and I am having heaps of fun along the way.

    Just enjoy and accept what comes your way.

    Seasons Greetings!