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  • JeepJeep
    Posts: 1
    new on my journey. after finally relaxing on my third time I was moving and writhing in ways I have never moved before, all by myself. As I said I finally totally relaxed and just let the aneros do its own thing and I felt things I never knew I could. I was gasping and panting and almost fell off of the bed. I lasted almost a full hour before even touching my penis, and once I did that - OMG!!!!
    I love this thing.
    The next day I could not wait to try it again. I was limited for time though. So after my morning workout I could not wait anymore, so I inserted my aneros and then jumped in the shower. O WOW! I need to install a few handles in the shower. I immediately dribbled some pre cum just thinking about getting in the shower and then when I relaxed under the warm water I totally lost control in just minutes.
    This should not be kept a secret anymore. This is totally amazing.
  • sounds a little dramatic to me.
  • Heh... sounds like the results WERE a little dramatic. Or maybe a lot dramatic.

    Congrats, Jeep, you're on your way. Already part of the way there, it seems! Pleasure, pleasure...