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Intense Orgasms
  • I have been both manually and with the use of a Helix stimulating my prostate for the last couple of weeks. My wife thinks that my urination stream has improved and I believe that my orgasms (full ejaculation) during intercourse have been mind blowing. Today in the middle of sex I felt the Helix bump my prostate and the warmest sensation rolled through my penis, it was as if I was coming without actually coming. My wife is an incredibly giving lover and I am so blessed to have her in my life, sharing the experience of prostate massage and anal penetration with her only serves to heighten my euphoria. I have never experienced stronger more intense orgasms.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 578
    Improvement in your urinary stream is probably one of the earliest noticeable benefits of Aneros usage and your experience with it in traditional sex is typical, with stronger orgasms and greater volume of ejaculate as you describe being noted. The longer term learning curve though, steeper for some than others, is training, or "re-wiring" yourself to experience dry prostate orgasms where an intense, prolonged orgasm is experienced but dissociated from the ejaculatory process. The benefits of that are prostate health, more spontaneous and better erectile function, and better orgasm control and enjoyment in traditional sex even without the Aneros in. I've been blessed to experience this and see its benefit in my sex life with my wife too.