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I love this thing.............
  • So at first I thought this Super O stuff was a crock………. But now….. all I can say is Incredible!!!! …WOW!!!…. It is so great, I had to post.

    Here is my tale….

    I ordered the Aneros Helix. I was super excited when it came in the mail.

    I have been blessed with a wife who has pleased me with prostate massages for many years. Her recent arthritis however has made it more difficult for her to give me prostate pleasure, so even she was excited when we got our toy that allowed hands free prostate massage.

    We tried it the first day. The first day experience was a wonderful prostate massaging. We left it inside during intercourse. I came inside of her with the Aneros inside of me. It produced a very strong cum, much stronger than without it. It was nice being able to have the prostate massage during intercourse.

    A couple of days later, I tried it by myself, due to reading the forums about Aneros taking potentially hours to work. So I spent about 45 minutes, contracting sphincter muscles and hip/groin muscles. Great prostate massage! Felt fantastic. It was nice being able to get the massage without relying on my wife. I followed with normal masturbation with Aneros inside. Great Cum!

    A few days later, I tried again by myself. This time making sure I wasn’t expecting my wife to come home or any other distractions. I spent about 1 hour learning how to ‘move’ the Aneros with the various sphincter and internal muscles. I experimented with the different locations and feelings that resulted. I could move Aneros with control. I would contract softly, contract hard, use internal muscles, use hip muscles; just experimenting with the locations and the feelings. There were contractions that I would suck it in a little. There were contractions that I would suck it in deep. On some of these deep contractions, I noticed that my body would quiver ever so slightly. I didn’t realize it at the time, but THAT was soon to become the beginning of something great! The next 24 hours I noticed a little tickle on what felt like the top of my prostate. It tingled for over 24 hours.

    So A few days later, after all of the soreness and tingling had subsided, I tried again by myself, and …..OH MY GOSH, ….. this time that little quiver turned into an experience that I can only say was the most INCREDIBLE experience I ever had. This is how I did it.

    After a good enema cleaning and good lubing of my anus with water based lubricant and lubricating the Aneros, I put it in. I feels so good just being in there. I climbed into bed with a towel, lay on my right side, and hugged a body pillow, bending up my left leg and leaving the right extended as recommended by the instructions. I do not touch my penis ever.

    I started my session, as if I were following my previous session of using various muscles to find the location that previously caused the quivering. I continued seeking for that oh so special spot.

    This exploration has led me to picture my prostate as if it were a ripe plum with a stem on top. I warm up by using easy to moderate contractions as if I were pushing on the side of the plum and then climbing up the side. I take my time to relax as required to remove any bodily tension. Relaxation is key. I use contractions to climb up the side of the plum slowly with a couple of increasingly harder contractions. As I reach the top, I find the stem of the plum. I get a distinct tickle when I find it. Once I find it, mind you these are very small movements, I do some quick contractions on the stem, Oh…that feels great in itself. .….Then….. I do a very deep contraction and PULL the Aneros in, up and over the top of the stem. I slowly release the contraction. Then, after a couple of times of this, the top gets more sensitive and I start to feel the quiver on the way down. The quiver feels like when you get the chills and your upper body quivers from the cold. Or similar to the beginning of a sneeze. At that point, I know something is ready to happen and I get all excited.

    I stop contracting my muscles and I let the Aneros go back to the resting state. Then I moderately draw it up agin, over the plum, up to the stem, feel the tickle, and over the top of the stem in just one or two contraction movements……. Then…. I hold it for a second or two…… then…. let it release ever so slowly, just barely maintaining control with your muscles to keep the Aneros from falling down the plum to fast.. Then the quiver starts. At this point you have to make sure you are completely relaxed and just let the quiver take over.

    As you let the quiver take over, it turns into a body-shaking, convulsion of ecstasy. My entire abdomen contracts, my shoulders contract, my head and upper body shakes and pulsates and there are pulsating rushes from my neck to my legs, the Aneros is pulled in tight, My whole body tightens and convulses in ecstasy. I get an erection, as my body quivers, my toes scruntch, I find myself humping the body pillow. There is no ejaculation. The feelings subside as the Aneros slowly slides down. Then I let the Aneros go back down to its resting state. Whew…. I’m out of breath…. I’m sweating and my heart is pounding.. I’m in a state of euphoria……..Wow!.

    After resting for a few minutes, I decide I want more……. I contract a couple of times and climb the Aneros back over the plum, to the stem, feel the tickle, over the top, I hold, I start to let it go back oh so slowly, then again I feel the quiver, I let it take over, then again….. WHAMMO…. It happens AGAIN….. OH ..MY.. GOSH…My body again shakes, convulses, contracts, in total ecstasy.

    I was able to do this about 2 or 3 more times before I couldn’t stand it anymore. I was worried I was going to have a heart attack or something. The only thing I can say is, This is incredible.

    Since then I have had many more sessions by myself, and I use the same technique each time. “Climb the plum, find the stem on top, tickle the stem for a while, back down, relax, repeat……. Then, after I notice the quiver…. Contract, Climb the plum, find the stem, feel the tickle, contract deep way over the stem, hold, release oh so slowly, get the quiver and let it go” technique. I have been successful in achieving these super body shaking, convulsions of ecstasy each time. My last session, I can typically to go through the entire routine in under 30-40 minutes.

    I have gotten to the point now, that just after a blissful peak, before the Aneros slips back to its state of rest, I can pull it back over the top of the stem just before it is over and get 2 sometimes 3 back to back. Talk about a mind-blowing experience. I usually let my self have 3 or 4 of these before I am just worn out. I would like to keep going but I am just worn out and sweaty and feel that I need to stop. I get worried that I may damage my body if I do it too much. I always follow with a normal masturbation of cumming with the Aneros in, or sometimes out. Either way it results in a very strong orgasm with an amazing volume of cum.

    Well I know this is long. But this has been my experience thus far. Not sure if this is the big O, dry O, super O, incredible O, or what, but I love this thing. And unfortunately it is very addictive. I have told my wife about this experience. I have not shared this experience with her in the room yet, not sure if I could relax enough with her there, but I plan to try.

    Hope this helps those who have not had the experience yet. If I can just help one person, I would feel this note was worth writing. J Keep experimenting. It’s worth the trip.

    It sounds like this convulsion of ecstasy is common in the threads? Is this what you all call the big O, dry O, super O? Is there more? I have no ejaculate whatsoever, not even pre cum.. How often do you all allow yourself to experience this? Are there any doctors out there who have experienced this? What is physiologically happening? Is there any damage that can be done if you let yourself experience this regularly, (weekly or more)? Can you enjoy yourself “ too often”?

    I love this thing.